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December 12, 2005 08:38 ET

WhatsUp Professional 2006 Sets New Industry Standard for High-Performance, Easy-to-Use Network and Applications Management

New Product Defined by SMB Users Seeking a Sophisticated Solution in an Easy-to-Use, Low TCO Form

LEXINGTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 12, 2005 -- Ipswitch, Inc., the leading developer of network management, messaging and file transfer solutions, announced today the immediate availability of WhatsUp® Professional 2006, Premium Edition. An innovative new solution in the Company's long-established, globally installed and widely proven WhatsUp product family, WhatsUp Professional 2006 Premium delivers application management as well as enhanced network management and monitoring features. These, in combination with the product's expanded reporting functions, additional standards compliance support and expanded notification options, elevate this latest offering above any competitive entry anywhere in today's marketplace.

Advanced application management, adherence to non-proprietary SNMP v1, v2 and v3 standards and standards-based reporting stand out as key competitive differentiators in the new product. Aimed specifically at a market that includes an estimated 1.2 million companies with 25 to 1,000 personal computers these innovations in WhatsUp® Professional 2006 combine to deliver an appropriately sized, scaleable, extensible and an infinitely useful solution to the real-world, real-time environment of the typical SMB. Currently over 40,000 networks and two million devices worldwide are monitored by previous versions of WhatsUp.

Overview of Major Application Management and Reporting Capabilities

First, application management in WhatsUp Professional 2006 provides easy management of Microsoft® Exchange® and SQL Server based applications as well as any WMI-compliant (Windows® Management Instrumentation) applications. WMI, the Windows implementation of the Distributed Management Task Force's Common Information Model, provides a uniform access mechanism to a vast collection of application performance and configuration information.

Secondly, WhatsUp Professional 2006 supports the globally familiar, non-proprietary Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Versions 1, 2 and 3. Extensible by design, SNMP is part of the Internet protocol suite international standard as defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force, an independent body. The protocol supports the monitoring of network-attached devices for any conditions that warrant administrative attention. This is a key feature because it significantly speeds implementation of the new product, streamlines its use, and dramatically eliminates the complications often imposed by products built on proprietary protocols.

The third major innovation offers significantly expanded HTML-based reporting for all network devices and applications. Reports now include enhanced statistical and performance measurements and the number of standard reports has been substantially increased to make it even easier to understand network and application performance and availability.

Additionally, WhatsUp Professional 2006 provides Web content monitoring, router bandwidth monitoring and trend analysis, an expanded library of predefined reports, enhancements to recurring reports, web alarms, pagers notifications and database tools.

A Brief Competitive Overview

WhatsUp Professional 2006 establishes a new standard for application and network management tools with its unique combination of accessibility and functionality, all in a product designed to deliver the total cost of ownership SMBs demand as well as offer a near 'instant-on,' plug-and-play software application solution unmatched in the marketplace.

WhatsUp Professional 2006, for example, does not require large dedicated servers devoted to running the system. In addition, it uses SQL databases for its information store, allowing users to scale the system easily. And unlike so-called frameworks that require disruptive installation of agents on the network, WhatsUp Professional 2006 automatically discovers networks and applications using standard interfaces to devices and servers. WhatsUp Professional 2006, the Company noted, is really the antithesis of a framework. As a true product solution, it stands apart from framework offerings that typically require a tremendous amount of user configuration, ongoing definition and tuned implementations. In this instance, WhatsUp Professional 2006 uses standard protocols to discover devices and applications at intervals of time that can be set by the user at will. Repetitive, scheduled discovery of devices permits continuous visualization of a network and its applications.

Every WhatsUp Professional 2006 system includes a one-year Ipswitch Service Agreement, which combines unlimited telephone and email technical support with system upgrades and maintenance. By delivering at one price what others charge for separately, Ipswitch has further improved the total cost of ownership for SMBs, for whom predictable costs are an important decision point.

"With products like WhatsUp Professional 2006 we at Ipswitch are defining this generation of great software for SMBs," said Alex Neihaus, vice president of marketing for Ipswitch. "That definition in part is met when a sophisticated software application solution to a complex situation provides immediate value that virtually anyone can use, everyone can understand and which generates a network view that is useful. An overabundance of non-essential, peripheral information may pass as 'sophisticated' among some providers. At Ipswitch, the sophistication happens in the reliable, highly visual, delivery and presentation of core data points of specific, timely relevance to network and application efficiency."

Pricing and Availability

WhatsUp Professional 2006, Premium Edition and WhatsUp Professional 2006 (network management only) are available immediately.

WhatsUp Professional 2006, Premium Edition is available in three configurations, defined by the number of devices to be managed:

Unlimited           $ 4,995
Up to 300 Devices     3,595
Up to 100 Devices     2,495

WhatsUp Professional 2006 also features three price points, also defined by the device count:

Unlimited           $ 3,495
Up to 300 Devices     2,395
Up to 100 Devices     1,895

Customers with active Service Agreements for WhatsUp Gold Premium will receive a free cross grade to WhatsUp Professional 2006, Premium Edition. Customers with active Service Agreements for WhatsUp Professional 2005 will receive a free cross grade to WhatsUp Professional 2006.

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