SOURCE: Bruce Boyers Marketing Services

June 12, 2008 13:54 ET

When Every Second Counts

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - June 12, 2008) - Computer performance is considered absolutely vital when it comes to stock market trading. Ask anyone who has ever glimpsed the breakneck speed at which trading takes place, and you'll understand: even a slight glitch in performance could mean millions of dollars made or lost. Hence, a regular event attended by top Wall Street IT executives and vendors alike is the High Performance on Wall Street conference and event, at which are shown and demonstrated the very latest in cutting-edge hardware and software.

In computing environments such as this, everything that can be automated is automated. To do otherwise is folly; your competition in the next building over is going to beat you to the punch on analyses, buys and sells. The same could be said for the behind-the-scenes operations of IT; if as many tasks as possible are not performed automatically, that same competition will have their systems fully running and be implementing the very latest solutions while your IT personnel are fiddling around with some manual operation.

One of those tasks is defragmentation of disk drives. Obviously, financial trading demands the fastest access disk access possible, and file fragmentation, slowing down that access with multiple I/Os per file request, must be prevented. Many enterprises have implemented scheduled defragmentation as a solution; defragmentation runs can occur when system activity is at an ebb, when it won't impact production, and IT attention can go elsewhere.

But with today's frantic business activity, now on a global scale, those ebbs are less frequent. Hence, defragmentation might very well slow production when it is run. But even worse, scheduled fragmentation, due to today's colossal disk capacities and file sizes, is no longer performing complete defragmentation when it runs; it is leaving fragmentation behind to continue hindering performance.

To the hidden creeping of fragmented files can be added the extra IT time it still takes to analyze fragmentation across a system and set up schedules to hopefully control it. Remember: everything that can be automated should be automated, and this IT time could certainly be far better spent seeing to the implementation of intelligent solutions.

Fortunately, cutting-edge technology has evolved in the area of defragmentation as well, and solutions are now available which will defragment drives invisibly, automatically, without scheduling, and without impacting system resources.

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