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September 12, 2013 06:00 ET

When Milliseconds Cost Millions

Optimize Sites at Velocity Conference

SEBASTOPOL, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2013) - Seconds--even milliseconds--can cost you. The average web page has doubled in size since 2010, while users' skyrocketing expectations have shrunk their patience. You lose too much when your site doesn't function at its absolute best--money, traffic, trust.

And with the recent high profile outages of Amazon, NASDAQ, and the New York Times, you may want to learn more about web performance and operations from recognized leaders. John Allspaw, Etsy's Senior VP of Technical Operation, is an expert on what keeps the Web running at its best. For questions on how to make (and keep) the Web faster, Google's Head Perfomance Engineer Steve Souders is the authority on performance.

For more inside knowledge on web performance and operations, chairs Steve Souders and John Allspaw invite New York's technical and business leaders to bring their most challenging problems to Velocity. After six years in Silicon Valley, Europe, and China, O'Reilly's Velocity brings its successful web operations and performance conference to New York City for the first time, October 14-16, 2013. At Velocity New York, leaders from finance, media, advertising, entertainment, tech, and other online businesses share their collective brilliance to work on building the fastest and strongest web yet. 

Speakers from firms such as Union Square Ventures, Qualcomm, Major League Baseball, Facebook, Netflix, Salesforce, Etsy, Google, GitHub, and Intuit discuss both their success stories and cautionary tales. A rich schedule of networking events also provides time for more informal conversations.

Velocity is about sharing ideas on operations and performance in high-stakes environments. And if the stakes are high in Silicon Valley, they're that much higher in NYC. Just ask NASDAQ, or even the New York Times.


Video from Velocity Santa Clara 2013

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