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Momentum Advertising

August 14, 2014 18:04 ET

Where Is Your Current Momentum Taking You

With a Great First Quarter Momentum Advertising Soars

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 14, 2014) - Momentum Advertising, Inc. ( has recently helped open up an additional office in Modesto, California. Due to rising demands and a need to grow in order to meet that demand, President Rhyse Davis decided it was time to grow into new territories. With this expansion Momentum Advertising plans to "Drive demand and increase overall revenue, we have an aggressive growth strategy," states Mr. Davis.

In a time where online marketing and online shopping practices are steadily becoming the norm, the idea of one-on-one interactions in brick and mortar stores may seem outdated. Contrary to that belief, Momentum Advertising, Inc. knows that some of the best representations of products and marketing efforts are made face to face. According to a recent survey by 84% of the general population, still prefer face to face communications when discussing brands or products.

Momentum Advertising carries out its direct marketing efforts primarily by creating close bonds with retailers in the Sacramento area. The employees work these locations creating events, which promote a fun and light-hearted environment that reaches everyone in the store, from consumer to store management. We are able to relate to our customers and make their experience fun by using different approaches to showcase our products. Mrs. Baker, a satisfied customer stated, "They were proactively making sure I was happy throughout the whole process." These individuals serve as local guru's that represent a client in order to provide a physical resource with a wealth of knowledge regarding their products. By being stationed in retail locations, these marketers find themselves in exceptional position to reach out to the customers who already show interest in a product or service, and best cater to their needs.

With this new expansion, Momentum Advertising hopes to further extend awareness of the impact of these direct marketing efforts, as well as create employment opportunities for individuals not close enough to Sacramento to be able to feasibly drive to the Sacramento location. "I'm aware our company is gaining momentum in 2014 and I see room for more expansion both horizontally and vertically by adding new clients," says Rhyse Davis. "Our goal is to double sales over the next year, and I know that we are easily on pace for that with the way things are moving this year."