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June 13, 2007 09:00 ET Unveils New "Websuite" -- 'Community & Commerce for Advertising Production Professionals'

Site Re-Launches With Added Value for Industry Members

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 13, 2007) - For the past eight years WheresSpot has led the revolution that is now called social networking. This week, WheresSpot has redefined the role of Internet communities for professionals in the advertising, television and film business, with the launch of their newly re-designed "Websuite."

Using email and the web, WheresSpot connects over eight thousand members creating a community of production and advertising professionals unparalleled in the networking space.

One year ago, founders Michael Porte and Perry Schaffer, along with technical partner Ed Marczak, embarked on a journey to develop new tools and community-building resources to re-launch WheresSpot into the Web 2.0 environment.

This week the fruits of that labor went live.

"I'm calling it our websuite," says co-founder Michael Porte. "It's a suite of tools that together form the basis for the most active web community of professionals that create television, film and advertising. The power of this community comes from the combined knowledge of our members, and their desire to share that knowledge with others. WheresSpot's new connectivity simply elevates the level of this resource."

Co-founder Perry Schaffer adds: "We've had people tell us that they were on a film shoot where half the crew had heard about the job thru WheresSpot. One 'spotter' shared that they started a multi-million dollar company based on information, and contacts that they got thru WheresSpot."

The success of WheresSpot comes from the ability to instantly reach out to its members and gather intelligence about any issue relating to Television and Film Production. And while the website resources are plentiful, the founders knew that most industry professionals were best served by something that comes directly to the user's in box. The new "websuite" also features an exclusive WheresSpot rep database and community blog.

"We have many users of WheresSpot who stay in contact with us through their PDAs," explains Ed Marczak. "You can now use WheresSpot through email, or the web -- where you'll also be able to use the web-based tools that we developed specifically for this community."

The new WheresSpot website can be found on the web at

For more information contact WheresSpot at: or by calling (212) 229-0565

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