November 19, 2012 09:00 ET

White Card Now Recognized in All Australian States and Territories, Legal Requirement for Any Construction Work

Since new legislative changes have been put in place in January 2012, the white card has replaced the previously recognized green, red and blue cards that construction workers were required to have in order to work on any construction site. The white card is a legal requirement that is now nationally accepted. The Construction Induction course can be completed in person, or it can be done at the individual's convenience online with companies such as Best Training

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 19, 2012) - The white card is now a legal requirement for construction workers all over Australia as it replaces the previously required blue, red and green cards. Since January 2012, the white card is now nationally recognized proof of a construction worker's completion of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Construction Induction course.

While previously the OHS required a red card for construction workers in Victoria and a blue card for construction workers in Queensland, the white card has now replaced these state-specific cards. The white card is WorkSafe approved and valid in every Australian state and territory.

A white card is required to work on a construction site, and failure to have the white card can result in a fine as high as $11,000 and 100 penalty points. The consequences are serious, but getting the white card and completing the OHS induction course can be simple. The white card can be issued by any registered training organization (RTO), including Best Training.

Gail Brown, the spokesperson for Best Training, explains the advantages of completing the course online: "Best Training's pass rate is 100% meaning you can train today and be working on site tomorrow for only $60." Completing the required Construction Induction course with Best Training is fast and cost-effective. Best Training does not require payment until after completion of the course, allowing students to save money.

In addition to saving money, completing the course online helps students make the most of their time. Students can work wherever they like, when they find it convenient, and at a pace that's comfortable for them. For more detailed information on Best Training's white card training course, see:

The newly legislated white card does not have an expiry date, meaning this one-time course is not only a legal requirement, but also a career investment. Once all the student's documents have been sent to Best Training and the declaration has been signed, the information can be processed and the card can be mailed to the student in under 48 hours.


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