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California Milk Processor Board

October 05, 2009 12:01 ET

White Gold Appeals to Teens in Battle for Milkquarious

Got Milk? Campaign Will Award $50,000 to Calif. High Schools

SAN CLEMENTE, CA--(Marketwire - October 5, 2009) - White Gold™ -- the ragged musician turned rock god thanks to the transformational powers of milk -- is back in the spotlight. Today, White Gold launches his very own rock opera, Battle for Milkquarious, and the White Gold Milkdonkulous Giveaway -- a contest that gives California teenagers and their public high schools the chance to win a total of $50,000 in funding for their schools' art programs. Educators say these generous funds come at a time when severe budget cuts have been made to California's public schools, especially in the arts. Battle for Milkquarious is the next generation of the California Milk Processor Board's (CMPB) White Gold advertising campaign targeting teens. It features faux rock star White Gold, whose songs and music videos declare his love for the "wonder tonic" -- milk.

"We're asking California's teens to get their creative juices flowing by re-creating their favorite scene or scenes from Battle for Milkquarious for the chance to win money for their schools' arts programs," says Steve James, executive director of CMPB, the creator of GOT MILK? "It should be a lot of fun for them, and for a very worthy cause. In the process, of course, we're also educating teens about the health benefits of drinking milk for strong bones, muscles, teeth, hair and nails."

Arts, music and drama programs are routinely the first programs to be drastically reduced or eliminated in times of economic crisis. Yet according to Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement, students who take arts classes have higher math and verbal SAT scores than students who take no arts classes.

"This program highlights the importance of arts education for all children," said California State PTA President Jo Loss. "The arts are a critical part of the core curriculum and this is a non-traditional way to demonstrate their importance by encouraging and recognizing student creativity."

Battle for Milkquarious is a 20-minute online rock opera launching today at intended to reach California teens with the message of the many health benefits of drinking milk. The film is White Gold's ultimate "vanity project" -- he is the "star," "writer" and "producer" of Battle for Milkquarious. The rock opera chronicles his quest to save his hometown of Milkquarious from a potentially deadly milk shortage. An evil villain -- Nasterious -- steals all of the town's milk and kidnaps White Gold's love interest, Strawberry Summers. White Gold travels across the galaxy to rescue her and return the stolen milk to the inhabitants of Milkquarious. Featuring six original songs and a cast of new characters including Strawberry Summers, Nasterious, Jug Life, the Bad Hair Monsters, and the one and only Bovina -- the legendary uni-Pega-cow of Curdvana -- Battle for Milkquarious will engage, entertain and educate teens across California.

Teenagers 14 to 18 who attend California public high schools are eligible to enter the White Gold Milkdonkulous Giveaway. Students have until Dec. 20, 2009 to recreate one of the scenes from the rock opera and submit their video entries online to A panel of judges will select nine semifinal entries, with the tenth semifinal entry being named "people's choice" by popular vote online. The grand prize winner will also be chosen online by popular vote on or about Jan. 25, 2010. The winner will receive $20,000 for their school's arts program. Ten thousand dollars will go to the second place school, and eight runners-up will each receive $2,500 in funding.

Providing additional incentive for schools to participate, the CMPB has partnered with Donors Choose, a non-profit organization that pairs citizen philanthropists with in-need classrooms. Participating teachers can create a Donors Choose funding page highlighting classroom projects that need donation.

Longtime GOT MILK? advertising partner -- San Francisco-based Goodby, Silverstein and Partners -- has produced five, 30-second television spots to introduce Battle for Milkquarious and the contest to California audiences. Entitled 'Jug Life,' 'Milkquarious,' 'Milky Hero,' 'He's Back,' and 'Strawberry Summers,' the spots will air during programming that appeals to teens -- through December, 2009.

As an example, 'Jug Life,' opens with White Gold lying lifeless on the floor of his futuristic pad as evil henchmen steal all the milk from the rock star's hometown of Milkquarious. A voice-over explains: "When muscle-rebuilding milk is stolen... it takes a strong man (White Gold) to fight back." The audience is then introduced to a strong, chocolate-milk-loving man, Jug Life, who accompanies White Gold on his mission. The spot ends with a graphic and voice-over that says, "Battle for Milkquarious, flexing online Oct. 5," and the campaign URL

In 'Milkquarious,' White Gold makes a direct appeal to teens on camera, encouraging them to enter the contest. 'Milkquarious' will be featured exclusively on Channel One, the 12-minute news program for teens that airs in high schools.

GOT MILK? will also promote the rock opera and the contest on sites popular with teens including YouTube, hulu and MTV. Scholastic -- the educational publishing company -- will distribute contest materials and toolkits on how educators can incorporate Battle for Milkquarious into their lesson plans.

For more information on Battle for Milkquarious and for complete contest rules on the White Gold Milkdonkulous Giveaway, visit

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