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March 16, 2015 10:01 ET

White Ops Refunds Billions in Ad Industry "Fraud Tax" With Technology Portfolio

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 16, 2015) - White Ops, a pioneer in online fraud detection, in honor of tax season, today reasserted its commitment to help the ad industry maximize its refund of the fraud tax that has been imposed on it for years and in 2015, is expected to exceed $6.3 billion. White Ops offers the industry's only cyber security-based advertising anti-fraud solution that can address display, video and mobile.

The challenge in bot fraud is that it has defied the detection and prevention measures by traditional and statistics-driven traffic auditing methods of the past decade. The extremely lucrative nature of ad fraud has driven criminal innovation and investment in advanced bot tools and obfuscation tactics. Bot fraud is not evenly distributed across display, video and mobile; is extremely capable of co-opting and mimicking human behavior, is only as sophisticated as it needs to be for a given situation, adapts to changing conditions in distribution and monitoring, and because of this continuous evolution, operates with relative impunity.

White Ops offers the world's first systematic, massively scalable, continuous anti-fraud solution for the entire digital advertising ecosystem that is based upon decades of cyber security experience battling fraudsters. Using evidence-based, deterministic technology and leveraging techniques of classic side channel analysis, White Ops is both frictionless to ad technologies and distribution mechanisms and invisible to bot operators, minimizing the ability to detect and adapt to changes in defensive posture. The major components of the White Ops solution include:

  • FraudSensor™ - Through a single JavaScript-based detection tag, FraudSensor detects and provides detailed intelligence on bot fraud, ad injection, illegitimate human browsing and more across display, video, mobile, search and social ad campaigns. FraudSensor, available for advertisers, publishers and ad tech platforms, provides actionable data to reduce the monetary losses to fraud, ensuring ads are delivered to the highest quality audience.
  • FraudShield™ - Leveraging FraudSensor output, FraudShield evaluates each impression in milliseconds and provides programmatic pre-bid fraud blocking for buy-side and sell-side media. FraudShield provides up to 54 percent higher humanity percentages in programmatic buys. FraudShield enables ad tech platforms to take control of the inventory they bid and serve on, preventing fraudulent impressions.
  • FraudFilter™ - FraudFilter leverages FraudShield decisions to enable publishers to increase audience numbers securely without increasing the risk of fraud for their advertisers. White Ops found sourced traffic to be the most vulnerable to exploitation, sometimes comprising as high as 52 percent fraudulent traffic. FraudFilter protects your sites reputation by maintaining sourced traffic quality by ensuring human impressions.

"Advertisers pay for tiny slices of human attention," said Tamer Hassan, co-founder and CTO at White Ops. "Bots have effectively made it seem that there is an endless supply of eyeballs on the Internet. Estimates and understanding of the scope of the problem in the industry has varied wildly and attempts to address the issues were a dark art that was largely based upon guesswork. The technology that White Ops brings shines a light on the true complexity of the problem and encompasses a suite of evidence-based capabilities utilizing knowledge of the adversary, sound cyber security expertise and the kind of scalability and customer service expected in the digital advertising sector."

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White Ops is a pioneer in the detection of and systematic defense against bot and malware fraud, providing advertisers and enterprise businesses with the tools they need to eliminate fraud, raise their bottom lines and ensure the success of their campaigns and the security of their systems and data. White Ops' leading-edge technology combats criminal activity in a significantly different and more comprehensive way than any method currently on the market. White Ops differentiates between bot and human interaction in online advertising and publishing, enterprise business networks, e-commerce transactions, financial systems and more, allowing clients to remove and prevent fraudulent traffic and activity. By working with clients to cut off sources of bad traffic, White Ops makes bot and malware fraud unprofitable and unsustainable for the cyber criminals who ultimately profit from it -- an economic strategy that will eventually eradicate this type of fraud. On the Web at

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