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March 15, 2011 09:00 ET

WhiteHat Security Announces No Cost Website Vulnerability Assessment Program

Sentinel SecurityCheck Offers Organizations 30 Days of Continuous Assessment to Identify All Website Vulnerabilities and Mitigate Leading Risk for Data Breaches; Participating Companies Gain Access to WhiteHat Security's Verified Vulnerability Results and Personalized Guidance on Website Risk Management

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - March 15, 2011) - WhiteHat Security, the leading provider of website risk management solutions, today announced Sentinel SecurityCheck, a new, complimentary and risk-free program designed to help companies discover the benefits of continuous verified vulnerability assessments, identify their website vulnerabilities and understand their website security posture. The 30-day website security evaluation leverages the WhiteHat Sentinel Software-as-a-Service website vulnerability management platform to offer the world's most advanced technology and security expertise available. Organizations will benefit from the accurate and verified vulnerability information that highlights real-world and real-time risks to their websites.

Websites are the leading pathway for critical data breaches, but most organizations don't have the resources to protect themselves from potentially devastating attacks. WhiteHat Security's latest website security report found most websites had at least one serious vulnerability every day of 2010, leaving valuable data open to attack. WhiteHat's Sentinel SecurityCheck offers 30 days of vulnerability assessment at a level of accuracy and depth that scanning tools can't offer and at a scale that traditional consultants can't manage.

"When we began the SecurityCheck evaluation the WhiteHat Security team walked us through the process and unlike consulting services we've used in the past, we saw the value almost immediately," said Glenn Leifheit, senior information security consultant at FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation). "WhiteHat Sentinel gives us a consistency, completeness and quality in our website vulnerability management that not only helped improve security but also simplified the audit process for our clients -- many of whom are large financial institutions. We now get better service, faster turnaround times and better vulnerability information for less money. After seeing the results, WhiteHat Sentinel was a no-brainer decision."

With Sentinel SecurityCheck, organizations receive a no-cost 30-day evaluation of the WhiteHat Sentinel website vulnerability management platform, offering continuous assessment for production websites. Armed with verified vulnerability information, companies can strategically direct development resources to fix their website vulnerabilities or employ a Web application firewall to immediately mitigate threats to their sites.

"In initial tests of the Sentinel SecurityCheck program we've seen an amazing response from organizations. They're simply not aware of the number of serious vulnerabilities on their sites and how quickly they change," said Bill Pennington, chief strategy officer at WhiteHat Security. "This program is about bringing awareness to the number of threats present and the danger they present to companies. It doesn't even take the whole 30 days before participants realized the need for a better website security solution -- they need vulnerability data and mitigation information on a continuous basis."

Other details about the Sentinel SecurityCheck:

  • Includes evaluation by WhiteHat Sentinel Premium Edition, providing full coverage of all website vulnerability classes, including WASC and OWASP Top 10 vulnerability classes.

  • Businesses will be assigned a dedicated security engineering team from WhiteHat's industry leading Threat Research Center who will guide them through the evaluation process, including scheduling and managing the assessment.

  • A customized review by a dedicated WhiteHat Security TRC engineer of the SecurityCheck findings with every organization at the conclusion of the program.

  • Organizations will receive a final executive and technical report, after the formal review of findings by WhiteHat Security. This report is included in the SecurityCheck and is complimentary to the businesses to keep after the evaluation is complete.

  • During this free evaluation, organizations will have full access to Sentinel's Web-based interface, offering the ability to review and generate reports as well as share findings with internal developers and security management.

For more information or to sign up for the free 30-day evaluation, please visit:

WhiteHat Sentinel SecurityCheck is available to qualified registrants in the United States and Canada. Eligibility is not guaranteed. SecurityCheck may be used on a single website to be agreed upon between WhiteHat Security and the participating company. Only one SecurityCheck will be offered per company.

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