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February 14, 2011 09:00 ET

WhiteHat Security Introduces Sentinel PL for Quality Vulnerability Assessment on Preproduction Websites

New Service Addition to WhiteHat Sentinel Platform Reduces Remediation Costs and Increases Overall Website Security

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - February 14, 2011) -  WhiteHat Security, the leading provider of website risk management solutions, today announced WhiteHat Sentinel PL (PreLaunch), a new service to provide fast and accurate website vulnerability data prior to production deployment -- reducing development and vulnerability remediation costs and increasing the overall security of customers' websites.

Website vulnerabilities are a growing security concern and organizations are looking for ways to reduce risk earlier in the development cycle. WhiteHat Sentinel PL leverages WhiteHat's expertise in testing and verifying vulnerabilities in production websites and adds capabilities specifically designed to find vulnerabilities throughout the pre-production phases of website development. Vulnerabilities identified in the development stage can be remediated by developers at a much lower cost than after the site goes live. Just like the entire WhiteHat Sentinel service line, every vulnerability discovered by WhiteHat Sentinel PL is verified for accuracy by the WhiteHat Security Threat Research Center (TRC), ensuring only legitimate vulnerabilities are identified and reported to developers for remediation. 

WhiteHat Sentinel PL is designed to fit into an organization's existing development cycle rather than requiring a company to work around inflexible vulnerability assessment tools or processes. Sentinel PL is tuned for speed, offering tests that users can customize for timing, unit-testing specific areas of the site, or to target particular vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting. By assessing preproduction sites prior to production deployment of new code, Sentinel PL reduces overall remediation costs while reducing risk before the site is pushed to production and exposed to the world and potential security threats. When combined with other WhiteHat Security services -- WhiteHat Sentinel Premium Edition (PE), Standard (SE) or Baseline (BE) -- Sentinel PL delivers ongoing vulnerability management and protection in both preproduction and production environments.

"We're seeing enormous demand from our customers to extend the Sentinel platform to allow them to conduct quick and accurate tests in preproduction and return better results in an accelerated timeframe," said Bill Pennington, chief strategy officer, WhiteHat Security. "That customers are requesting this service reflects how the website risk management market is maturing and is another sign that website security is becoming a 'must have' for companies across all industries."

"With Sentinel PL, WhiteHat is addressing the growing need to move security testing farther upstream in the software development lifecycle. Catching problems earlier means lower remediation costs and better-informed risk management in the release process," said Wendy Nather, senior analyst, Enterprise Security Practice, The 451 Group. "In addition, since many applications end up being deployed differently in production, scanning them on both sides of the firewall improves the security coverage."

WhiteHat Sentinel PL features:

Extremely Fast Assessments: The ability to perform quick assessments prior to going live in production 

Highly Accurate Results: Each vulnerability discovered by WhiteHat Sentinel PL is verified for accuracy by the TRC and prioritized, eliminating false positives and simplifying remediation. Having accurate results ensures the security team maintains a high level of trust with business owners and software developers, which repeated false-positives can undermine.

Seamless SDLC integration: Sentinel PL seamlessly operates within existing development frameworks and timelines, and requires no additional software on the developer's desktop or build servers, ensuring there is no impact on software delivery deadlines. Sentinel PL's Open XML API allows for complete integration with bug-tracking systems, enabling developers to get immediate access to the information they need using existing tools.

Pre-Production-Focused Assessments: Aggressive testing that normally wouldn't be performed on production sites delivers precise results that fit into the development cycle of the site. Additionally, Sentinel PL enables the team to test each unique vulnerability in an automated unit-test capacity prior to the website launch.

WhiteHat Sentinel PL offers customers:

Lower Development Costs: When vulnerabilities are discovered early in the software development lifecycle, organizations can reduce remediation time by up to ten hours versus remediating a vulnerability in a production website. 

Increase in Overall Security: Significant reduction in real risk to the business by finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they reach live, production websites.

WhiteHat Sentinel PL will be available in Q2 2011. To learn more, visit

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