March 08, 2012 08:00 ET Launches Collaborative Consumption API at SXSW

API Enables Trust, Agreeability Between Consumers on Both Sides of C2C Transactions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 8, 2012) - today announced the launch of its public API to enable the most positive customer experience on both sides of a C2C transaction. The API compares data on life-stage, demographics, rare interests, relative conscientiousness, agreeability and other personality traits.

Collaborative Consumption services are poised to expand beyond early adopter stages and into the mainstream. Driven by the need to address levels of trust between consumers engaging in online transactions with each other, the API allows a C2C service to provide that relative level of trust to both parties involved. Apps that consume the API will allow users to discover how they would relate to the consumer on the other end of a transaction.

"The API delves deep into each user's social media presence to divine the complete picture of who they are," says Jack Holt, CEO of "Multiple advanced technologies such as complex pattern matching algorithms & native language processing are employed in the analysis." The API delivers a key, which can then be used to match users in different contexts -- e.g. how well they might travel or work together. "As an example, we want users of services such as AirBnB or Wimdu to know how they'll relate to that person who wants to live under their roof for a few days -- before the transaction is completed," added Holt. also announced its SXSW demonstration app. The app uses the API to magically divine a psycho-social profile. Users can compare their profiles to their friends and others they meet to discover whether they would make good traveling companions or workmates or just have a good time at the pub.

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