Whittard of Chelsea

September 04, 2012 02:00 ET

Whittard of Chelsea Launches a New Range of Fruit, Herbal and Well-Being Infusions

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 4, 2012) - Responding to demand for healthy and refreshing infusions to complement their range of fine teas, coffees and hot chocolate, Whittard of Chelsea have introduced twenty eight new infusions that are naturally caffeine-free and contain no sugar or artificial sweeteners. There are three selections to choose from: fruit, herbal and well-being. Each tea bag is wrapped in an envelope so it's easy to slip a few into your bag to enjoy at work - a healthy and refreshing way to unwind at any time of day.

Organic Well-Being infusions

A fragrant range of infusions combining quality organic ingredients to revitalise, calm or comfort, depending on your mood. Made with finest quality organic ingredients including camomile, fennel, aniseed and limeflowers, they will delight your senses.

Fruit Infusions

Zesty and refreshing with the heady scent of aromatic fruits, there are nine fruity infusions to choose from in our fruit tea selection. Ingredients include traditional British summer berries, exotic tropical fruit and acai and goji berries hailed as 'superfoods' for their health benefits. The Acerola Cherry, Strawberry & Kiwi and Blackcurrant infusions have also just won a prestigious Great Taste Award.

Herbal Infusions

Drawing on traditional herbal ingredients known for their restorative powers, the new range of herbal teas includes rooibos, which is a great alternative to black tea, naturally caffeine-free and high in antioxidants. In addition, key ingredients such as peppermint, camomile, Echinacea have traditionally been used to help digestion, aid relaxation and boost the immune system.

To learn more about the new range of sugar-free and caffeine-free infusions visit your nearest Whittard store or shop online at www.whittard.co.uk. Each pack contains twenty sachets in individual envelopes and is priced £3.25.

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