Whittard of Chelsea

June 25, 2012 02:00 ET

Whittard Reveals Britain's Favourite China for Spring 2012

Tea and coffee merchants 'Whittard of Chelsea,' reveal an increase in web sales of styles of china that complement the rising fashion and decoration trend that has come to be known as 'Shabby Chic.'

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 25, 2012) - The most viewed and bought styles of china on the Whittard of Chelsea website during spring 2012, all being quirky, vintage and colourful, are testament to the domestic goddess' continued - and growing - love of said style.

'Shabby Chic' décor involves old-looking furniture, decoration and household items being interspersed with a more dainty and cosy style with Victoriana undertones. Real connoisseurs are careful in selecting suitable furniture, displaying the perfect signs of aging and discolouration. Other aspiring stylists, however, simply buy items they like then subject them to a sanding or chipping to give the impression of age.

The essence of today's shabby-chic interior decoration is vintage and antique, with some popular centrepieces being pie safes, jelly cupboards and other highly-polished furniture. Bleached, discoloured and even tea-stained linens are often used to decorate, while small, delicate items like bone china mugs, vintage teapots or antique coffee grinders are displayed as ornaments.

The most popular set of china on the website is the Alice in Wonderland collection. The original illustrations of Lewis' characters, as imagined by John Tenniel, decorate the china set. What could be more 'Shabby Chic' than creamers, sugar bowls, saucers or mugs with the face of curious Alice, the eccentric White rabbit or plain-bizarre Tweedle Dee etched across.

Their Summer Blossom collection is the second most popular. The simple, floral design is a clear hangover from a previous era and a perfect centrepiece for any shabby-chic home.

The Tea Dance set, similarly floral but rather more colourful and striking, is the third most popular design on the Whittard website. The bright, clashing colours and simple shapes, again, fit right in with a shabby-chic décor.

Other popular kitchenware items include coffee grinders, teapots, cafetieres and espresso pots. This is unsurprising as hand in hand with the rise in shabby-chic, quirky home fashion, has come a notable increase in the popularity of socialising at home. Tea and drinks parties have been on the rise for some time and with the memories of a golden age evoked by such event as the Queen's jubilee, this is only likely to continue.

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