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June 02, 2005 16:20 ET

"Who Is Mike Jones?"

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 2, 2005 -- The following is being issued by Warner Bros. Records.

"Jones, whose good-natured rap attitude and ability to pick a spectacular array of beats has allowed him to be one of the few Houston rappers ever to break nationally. The album demonstrates why Jones is one of the year's hottest rappers."

Los Angeles Times, Soren Baker

"One of the most anticipated new stars in rap music."

The Source, Brendan J. Peters

"Thanks to the success of... rapper Mike Jones, Houston's idiosyncratic hip-hop now has a bigger national profile than ever. 'Who Is Mike Jones?' is a fine introduction."

Rolling Stone, Nathan Brackett

"Jones has helped bring H-town's movement to TVs everywhere."

XXL, Leah Rose

"Mr. Jones has an entertaining, Screw-influenced style, calling out his lyrics in a boyish voice and often repeating his favorite phrases as if controlled by an invisible D.J. He's best at his simplest, as when he rhymes, 'I'm holding wood wheel in the turning lane/My candy paint leaving stains in the turning lane,' transforming a Houston commonplace (those folks sure make it easy for a driver to turn left) into an infectious hook."

New York Times, Kelefa Sanneh

"[Jones] spread [his] name further than a lot of... artists in Houston so far."

Murder Dog, Matt Sonzala

"This is a music infomercial... wildly, oddly entertaining."

Boston Globe, Ken Capobianco

"[Mike Jones] sticks out among his crunkalicious contemporaries."

Entertainment Weekly, Raymond Fiore

"['Who Is Mike Jones?'] features a cluster of street-stomping anthems and big-pimping cuts."

Vibe, Joy Sewing

"You can't help but root for Mike Jones. He's a rapper from Houston who performs under a name so normal, its exotic. Jones' understated ability and gritty determination won't leave people wondering who he is for long."

Hartford Courant, Eric R. Danton

"Mike Jones is the sort of individual that relies on Mike Jones' gut instinct and creates a tremendous demand for Mike Jones' southern slang music by sheer branding... Mike Jones, forever grinding, is running his independent game like... the majors.", Kay Konnect

"The hottest name in Houston.", Jay Smooth

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