November 14, 2006 06:30 ET

Who is the Greatest Online Gamer in the World?

AdDynamix Presents the First Annual Massive Multiplayer Online World Championship Starting December 1st at the Club NEVERDIE Asteroid Space Resort in Entropia Universe

MIAMI BEACH, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2006 --, LLc announced today the launch of the MMOWC, an eight round annual World Championship Sporting event open to gamers from all Virtual Worlds and MMORPGs.

The inaugural World Championship Event is presented by AdDynamix, one of the pioneering companies and innovators in interactive advertising. AdDynamix are handling the event promotion and online branding of the MMOWC. Their network accounts for 4 billion impressions per month, reaching 73 million unique users per month including 44% of Americans online.

The MMO World Championship event is designed to discover and celebrate the greatest online gamers and to establish certain facets of online gaming as a new global sport. In Europe and America, it is estimated that there are already 10 million people playing Massive Multiplayer Online games. In Asia there are estimated to be hundreds of millions of online gamers, proving that online gaming is in fact already more popular than soccer, basketball, football or any other real world sport for personal recreation.

At present this enormous worldwide gaming community is broken up across a small number of leading Virtual Worlds and MMORPGs. The MMOWC is a skill-based hunting event that will enable participants from all online games to come together briefly to compete in a sporting fashion that the heroes of this new global culture may be born and celebrated.

The AdDynamix MMOWC will take place at Club NEVERDIE, the #1 privately owned venue for Virtual Entertainment and Live Events. Club NEVERDIE utilizes Entropia Universes’ fully automated Event System and features 20 hunting and mining bio domes populated with 23 different mob types, providing the absolute best and most controlled environment for player-run hunting events in any MMORPG or Virtual Universe.

All domes will be voice enabled during the events, enabling participants in the MMOWC to use the cutting edge voice chat technology and service provided by partner sponsor Vivox. This high-quality and massively scalable voice solution adds an extra degree of immersion to the virtual experience in Club NEVERDIE.

Event updates and news coverage will be handled by Entropia Forum, the leading Entropia Universe player owned forum with over 7 million page hits per month.

Entropia Universe client software is free to download. There are no monthly subscription fees and no credit card is required to establish an account thereby making it the absolutely ideal host universe for a Global Event that invites participants from all Virtual Worlds, Metaverses, MMOUs and MMORPGS to compete.

The Grand finalists will be flown to South Beach, Miami to be filmed for the final event. In addition to thousands of dollars in real cash prizes. is offering free Hunting Kits to the first one thousand competitors arriving at Club NEVERDIE from other Virtual Worlds and MMORPGs. Free rifles, ammo and first round event tickets will be given out in the Club NEVERDIE Control Room prior to first round events. Mid level armor sets and weapons will be among the prizes for the early rounds enabling new avatars to compete against more experienced Entropia veterans.

Champion Gamer and MMOWC Spokesman Jon “NEVERDIE” Jacobs says, “It is possible the World Championship title could be won by someone who has never participated in Entropia Universe before. This event is really a call to all online gamers to take a moment away from their existing games or worlds and take advantage of this free platform to participate in the first truly global MMO community event. Really this kind of an event was never possible in the past. Only now is the technology and platform available for a legitimate World Championship. It’s time we discovered who the heroes really are.”

A Mega Championship Stadium is also under construction at Club NEVERDIE which will host key heats and all Event Finals. The Mega Championship Stadium will be one of The Great Wonders of Virtual Reality and the most magnificent sporting venue in any online universe and is designed to host a multitude of event types and support live broadcasting and major corporate sponsorship.

MMOWC, LLc will be packaging the 2006 World Championship for television and is currently in discussion with various TV networks and cable channels for licensing worldwide


MMOWC, LLc, a Florida-based corporation, exists solely to manage, market and handle corporate sponsorship for the Massive Multiplayer Online World Championships. Aspiring champions may sign up for the MMOWC at and start their Entropia Universe Avatar directly at Club NEVERDIE via the free download at

About Entropia Universe

The highly Successful Entropia Universe, the first virtual universe with a real cash economy recently crossed the 500,000 colonist mark, Growing steadily since 2003. Entropia Universe boasts not only the most valuable real estate among all the Virtual Worlds, but its projected GNP for 2006 will be in the region of $350 Million US. making it probably the richest virtual nation per capita.

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AdDynamix is a pioneer and innovator in interactive advertising, delivering custom targeted and measurable online Ad solutions for agencies, Direct marketers and entertainment clients. The AdDynamix network consists of over 3000 content rich websites reaching 73 million unique users per month and 44% of Americans online.

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Vivox strengthens online games and communities with an integrated and customized IP communication service. Vivox brings the intelligence and richness of physical world communication to the web, creating more powerful and natural connections. Vivox’s innovative communications solution, Precision Studio™, is delivered via an enterprise quality managed service and provides the best of IP technology, Instant Messaging (IM), VoIP, video and presence, with a cutting-edge rules engine. This simple-to-integrate and customizable solution helps online communities enhance offerings and generate revenue opportunities.

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Entropia Forum is the leading player-owned forum serving the Entropia Universe community with over 7 million page views per month.


Club NEVERDIE, situated within the Entropia Universe is the most successful privately owned event venue in any virtual world. NEVERDIE is a registered trademark of Jon Jacobs. Club NEVERDIE was established on Dec. 19, 2005 and can be visited via spaceship from the planet Calypso or new accounts can be spawned directly at the resort by downloading the Entropia Universe client from and also

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