November 05, 2009 12:30 ET

Whooty Roll Call: Atlanta Based Rap Group EDUBB Release an Official List of Celebrity Whooties and Launch Whooty Watch USA

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - November 5, 2009) - Atlanta's own Hip-Hop Playboys, EDUBB, the creators of the term Whooty, are taking it to the next level. Next week the trio will hold a press conference announcing the top Whooties in the United States of America. After facilitating multiple voting polls within the entertainment industry EDUBB is finally releasing the official Whooty List. It's no secret to the media masses, our WHOOTY term is being used by on-line outlets such as to mainstream broadcast shows as TMZ. "We knew the public needed a word to categorize these incredible individuals so we thought we'd help them out," laughs member Almighty Dolla.

Stereotypically African American women have held the title for have having coke bottle curves. In recent years, white woman and similar ethnicities have also evolved. "For a while we were walking around here scratching our heads saying it looks like a sister from the back which we love but when she'd turn around and see it was not a black woman, we'd go into shock. So finally we decided to talk about this better yet, rap about it," smiles member of EDUBB, Johnny Boi.

Taking the college circuit by storm in addition to the party capitals of Miami, Las Vegas and California regions, EDUBB has swiftly grown the Whooty term and will soon launch a Nationwide "Whooty Watch." As the cameras roll from city-to-city, EDUBB will be there to facilitate the Whooty Movement. "Gorgeous women come in all shapes, races and sizes and this is one of the many terms we will release categorizing our likes about our favorite topic, women," says member NEM. Whooty Watch Is Officially On!

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Khloe Kardashian
Aubrey O'Day
Brandi Cunningham
Brittany Daniel
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Ellen Degeneres
Lady Gaga
Shawn Johnson
Brittney Spears
Teagon Presley
Jenna Von Ovi
Meagan Fox
Demi Moore
Megan McCain
Mary Carey
Anna Farris
Catherine Zeta Jones
Kim Kardashian
Hillary Duff
Lexi Tyler
Kate Marie
Amazin Amie
Allison Ceglio
Krissa & Kristina Shannon
Jenna Shae
Brittny Gastineau
Kristin Cavallari
Joanna Shari
Jessica Simpson
Vanessa Hudgens

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