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July 17, 2012 10:15 ET

Why a Combination Boiler is Best

Why Customers are Choosing Combi Boilers

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 17, 2012) - There are many different types of boilers, and different types of boiler systems cater to different needs. Ensuring that your home has the most suitable boiler system can save you hundreds of pounds on your annual bills and also go a long way to helping the environment by improving efficiency.

The most popular boiler currently available is the combination, or combi, condensing boiler. Combi condensing boilers are now used in the majority of new boiler installations in the UK, largely because of their size and the fact that they are highly efficient. The name 'combi' refers to the fact that these boilers work not only as extremely efficient water heaters but also as central heating units as well.

They work in a similar way to a conventional boiler by burning fuel and passing the resulting hot gasses through a heat exchanger, where the heat is transferred to water in order to raise its temperature. In regular boilers much of this latent heat is wasted as water vapour, whereas a condensing boiler continues to use this condensation to heat water in the boiler, hence the name. This means that a combi condensing boiler is capable of heating water at a considerably lower cost and increased efficiency than a non-condensing boiler by utilising the condensing boiler's larger heat exchanger. British Gas rates condensing boilers as having 88% efficiency.1 Because of this they use less gas, and therefore cost less to run per month. They also produce less carbon dioxide and are therefore more environmentally friendly.

It is for these reasons that more and more customers who are looking to upgrade their boiler systems are choosing a combi condenser. Furthermore, by choosing a British Gas boiler, you can rest assured that you will be getting an A-rated boiler from a range of leading manufacturers, and it will be fitted by Gas Safe registered engineers. Even better, if you make an appointment to have a new boiler installed by British Gas before 31st August, you can save as much as £150 off a new boiler as well as receive a year's aftercare worth £204. This is a substantial amount that will add to the considerable savings you will make by switching to a more efficient boiler.2

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2 Offer closes 31st August 2012, will be applied at point of sale and is subject to boiler installation. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other British Gas boiler offer.

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