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December 13, 2010 10:43 ET

Why Are Cruises Currently so Popular?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2010) - Cruises used to be the reserve of the truly affluent. Pools-winners and the wealthy would be the main passengers boarding a world cruise, but with the rise of the industry's popularity, ordinary families can now afford to embark on cruises to a variety of exotic destinations.

Over the last few decades a host of new cruise ships have been launched with cruise operators tailoring a range of cruises to suit the needs of most travellers. Shorter itineraries were also introduced to fit in with the traditional two week UK holiday.

This, as opposed to the three month long world cruise options of years gone by, is much easier to afford and attend in terms of time. The first cruise ships started operating in 1900, when transatlantic cruises began to offer passengers additional onboard entertainment and facilities.

This sparked the idea with the operating companies that the journey was not only a means to cross the Atlantic, but it could be an adventure by itself. Cruise ships consequently started sailing towards warmer destinations, for longer periods of time and the cruise holiday was born.

Contemporary cruise operators have perfected the fine art of cruising. Cruisers don't have to worry about things like seasickness as modern cruise ships have stabiliser fins and passengers barely feel the ocean swells while onboard. With a range of activities to entertain guests that include golf, dancing, wall-climbing and even cooking classes, passengers are spoilt for choice.

The world cruise is still available to individuals who have enough time on their hands to embark on a 110 day voyage. Saga Travel's world cruise stops at some of the most notable sites around the world. Petra, the Maldives, the Sydney Opera House and Pearl Harbour are some of the highlights of their 110 day world cruise.

With all ports taxes, visas and travel insurance covered in the all inclusive fee, the value for money factor has contributed greatly to the re-emergence of the luxury cruise holiday.

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