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July 24, 2012 03:00 ET

Why Boiler Insurance is Important

Explaining Why Boiler Insurance is Important to Help Maintain Your Boiler and the Successful Functioning of Your Home

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 24, 2012) - As the UK limps into an, albeit wet, summer, many Britons are now turning their boilers off for the season, and will not return to them until the onset of winter again in several months time.

However, it is when boilers, particularly older systems, are turned off for long periods of time that they are most at risk of developing faults. These faults only manifest themselves when it comes to turning the heating systems back on as and when they're required during the cold winter months.

When it comes to protecting ourselves, most Britons are sensible in their provisions for accidents and take out car insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance. Such policies are designed to protect them in the case of any unfortunate accidents. The same logic should be applied when it comes to arranging boiler cover, yet it rarely is. More than 22 million UK households rely on a boiler for their heating and hot water, yet many people do not have specific boiler cover to protect them in case of a fault.

Commenting on Britons' long-standing lack of preparedness, Jon Ingram from, said: "Boiler cover can offer homeowners the peace of mind that their central heating system will be repaid swiftly without having to fork out a huge amount."(1)

Insurance for your boiler is easy to arrange and will protect you in the event of any fault developing with your boiler system. This can minimise disruption to you and your family should it fail, meaning you spend less time without heat and hot water. Furthermore, it also means you won't have to pay a significant call-out charge for an engineer to fix the fault, which can cost more than £75 an hour if you live in London.

By taking out boiler and service insurance, you will ensure that your boiler receives an annual service to keep it running at peak efficiency. Again, if you have a slightly older system, this is a sensible precaution as it means not only will your boiler remain efficient and therefore cheaper to run. It will also prevent any serious faults developing that could lead to potential health problems if the boiler is producing carbon monoxide.


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