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January 20, 2011 13:44 ET

Why Consumers Are Willing to Spend the Extra Cash on a MacBook, Rather Than the Ordinary PC in January's Issue of Business Review USA

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - January 20, 2011) - Business Review USA, the top digital media source for American business news, takes a look at the latest MacBook Air as a status symbol and a testament to the Apple customer culture.

What's so special about MacBooks that Apple can get away with charging upwards of $1400 while PCs go for nearly half the price? Are Macs twice as good as PCs? Because that's what the price tag is saying. Here is my attempt at figuring out what the hype is behind the MacBook Air and other iMacs and how they size up to competitors in the PC world.

"You hear it from people every day: 'When I was a kid, my mom always bought me the generic clothes/snacks/shoes, etc. because we could never afford the real thing, but I still wanted to look cool!'

"From childhood, we're taught that certain brands are superior and are made to show off to our friends. And if we don't don these brands and products, our peers will think less-highly of us. This is true when it comes to electronics. While consumers may say that it's their choice when it comes to the brands, operating systems and software they buy, what they really want to say is, 'I really didn't want to spend almost twice as much for a MacBook, when I could buy a similar laptop under the HP, Samsung, or Sony brand for less.'" Read more at

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