SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

December 18, 2006 17:09 ET

Why Defrag Software Will Never Be the Same

Through Recent Technological Advancements, Defragmentation Software Truly Redefines "Automatic"

BURBANK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 18, 2006 -- Over the years, lots of promises have been made about developing a truly automatic piece of software that does its job with virtually no supervision or input from the user. But the reality has been that, for the most part, this has just been a marketing ploy to get you to buy the software. Up to now, the word "automatic" was really code for "reduced" user input and supervision -- especially where servers and networks are involved. However, for defrag software, all of this has now changed, and for the first time ever, the word "automatic" may actually mean what it says.

Now, what exactly is defrag software? Defrag or defragmentation software rids your systems of fragmentation -- which is defined as pieces of files on hard drives that are not continuous but instead are scattered around the drive. As time goes on, fragmentation continues to build up on systems, causing them to slow down and freeze, or sometimes even crash completely.

Of course, when it comes to introducing new software onto their corporate servers and workstations, it's only natural for IT professionals and system administrators to be skeptical...and rightfully so. For many of them, keeping the network up and running smoothly with minimal problems is their number one concern. To buy into the hype of a software company's marketing department could spell disaster if the software doesn't do what it says, and worse, causes problems and interference with valuable system resources.

So, in researching various defrag solutions, what should "automatic" really mean to the IT professional? An automatic piece of software should be simple to install. There should be no extended training periods on how to use it, nor manuals to study in order to understand it. After installation, the software should begin to do its work without any input from the user, and while running, never interfere with system resources -- even when resource demand is at its absolute highest. There should never be a need for fact, the system administrator should know with confidence that the software is doing its job without the need for any supervision whatsoever.

Of course now, there is software, such as the new Diskeeper 2007 by Diskeeper Corporation (, with its groundbreaking InvisiTasking™ technology, which does just that. With InvisiTasking, potential problems are handled immediately, on the fly, in real time, without ever affecting or interfering with system resources.

In these exciting times, defrag software has become so dependable and so automatic in its functionality, that it has been compared to the daily rising of the sun. All you have to do is install the software, and it will take care of the rest. You'll soon find that your network runs with unparalleled stability and reliability, and performs at a level that is even better than when the system was new.

Defrag software has taken a quantum leap in performance technology, and truly represents a new definition for the word "automatic."