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March 29, 2011 03:00 ET

Why Didn't I Think of That? This Innovative "To Do" List App Could Be on Every iPad Within a Very Short Time

Everyone Has Things to Do Every Day and It Never Ends, so Why Not Create an App That Allows You to Manage Those Tasks Faster and Easier Than Ever Before; Right Brain Solutionz LLC's icondu App Is Revolutionary, Not Just Another Text Based To Do List Maker

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - March 29, 2011) - "Right Brain Solutionz LLC has come up with such a unique way to handle people's daily To Do Lists, that people will wonder why they ever did it any other way," says P.M. Galaviz, creator of "icondu." 

Most To Do List managers are text based and require users to input their tasks letter by letter, line by line. People then have to read and process each line again to get things done. And this is done day after day, task after task. The brain processes only one word or phrase at a time, but it can process images much faster. That's why they say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

"If text truly was the best way, we would still be using DOS as our primary computer OS. But, we all know that is not the case and the GUI is far superior and faster than rows of code could ever be. After all, if you wanted to print a document would you want to type c:\print test.txt >lpt1 or just hit the 'printer' icon on the menu bar?" asks Galaviz.

So why do we continue to create a To Do list in this manner? "We have a faster, more efficient way and that way is icondu," says Galaviz. The icondu "To Do" list iPad app uses icons instead of text to create a user's "To Do Tasks." It has libraries full of icons organized into headings that represent any possible variations of tasks a person would have to do in any given day.

Plus if the user wants, they can still create a text based list as well, with a twist. They have a "T" icon that acts as a place holder for the text based task. The "T" icon has the description underneath it just like users' iPad app icons do. Also, a user can put a host of information into any icon via a details screen by just double tapping the icon, including the text based "T" icon. The details screen is hidden from view unless they decide to use it. So information junkies can have details galore and people who want it to be fast and simple can just use the icons and forgo adding any detail data to an icon.

The user can also customize and create their own icons using pictures from their computers, web or right from their own iPads, using the camera on the new iPad2.

The icondu website,, has a ton of bonus icons users can download right to their iPad and they are adding new ones everyday.

Imagine a user just tapping a picture (icon) of their own child in a soccer, football or baseball uniform for use when they have a game instead of writing out "Grant's baseball game at 4pm on Monday at Allen York Park." Plus a user can add details within the icon by just double tapping it to input all kinds of data and notes. ( 

What about a picture of their hairstylist, doctor, friends, family, pets, restaurants, car, etc. to remind them of what they have to do that day. No more reading lines of text, just look at an image and instantly their brain knows what needs to be done. "It doesn't get any faster than that," says the creator of icondu.

It's a fact that truly Genius minds think in abstract visual ways and not in a text fashion. Even a written novel is conceived first in the mind of the author -- they imagine the characters, the settings and so on, then they write the words to describe the imagery they created in their minds. This is why icondu is so powerful, because it taps into the brain's natural image processing power from the start and then adds the ability to use text for adding details, but a person could use it without ever having to type a single letter. As far as we know there is no other app that works in this manner.

Icondu also has a feature they call QLists which allows users to create a multi item list, save it and then recall it over and over again with the tap of a finger. A user could create a vacation check list, a camping list, a check list of any type for that matter. They even ship it with a few QLists already made for the end user. It comes with a "Wedding Planner" QList that's extremely powerful and easy to use. An event coordinator could manage multiple weddings all in a visual way and with all the client's info all nice and neat within the icons. This QList feature alone will save a person a lot of time. This video shows the QList feature in action.

If a person is still skeptical, they can watch a video of cute 5yr. old Grace creating a grocery shopping list without using a keyboard, and she does not even know how to read or write yet. "If that doesn't convince a person how easy it is to use, nothing will," says Galaviz.

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