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Wombat Security Technologies, Inc

April 08, 2011 12:22 ET

Why Email Warnings Don't Cut It and How Epsilon Customers Can Help Protect Their Consumers From Likely Phishing Attacks

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - Apr 8, 2011) - This week tens of millions of US consumers received emails from their banks, ISPs and online retailers warning them that a major security breach would likely enable criminals to send them targeted phishing attacks. The security breach occurred at Epsilon, a leading permission-based email marketing firm used by a number of Fortune 100 companies to interact with their customers via email. It is believed that as part of the breach hackers were able to gain access to millions of names and email addresses of customers of companies ranging from JP Morgan Chase, American Express, Target, Verizon and many other top brands. With this information, criminals will be able to craft targeted phishing emails relying on their knowledge of the relationship between individual customers and these companies and addressing people by their actual name.

In an attempt to mitigate these likely attacks, companies have taken it upon themselves to warn their customers. The sad truth is that the vast majority of these warning emails will go unread and that even those customers who read these emails will remain ill-prepared when it comes to not falling for likely phishing attacks.

"Data collected over the years with a large number of Wombat customers has shown that, without proper training, 25 to 40% of users fall for a well-crafted spear phishing email," said Wombat Security Technologies, Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Norman Sadeh. "Sending warning emails will not substantially change these numbers."

Instead what users need is engaging and effective training to teach them how to avoid falling prey to the attacks. Over the past several years, Wombat Security Technologies has established itself as the leading provider of effective anti-phishing training products for employees and customers. "Our training products, which are based on learning science principles and only take a few minutes of time, have been shown to reduce the likelihood of users falling for phishing attacks by more than 50%," said Sadeh.

These solutions, which have already been licensed to train millions of people around the world, are used to train both employees and customers in sectors as diverse as government, finance, health care, retail and telecommunications to name just a few.

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With millions of users across North America, Europe, and Asia, Wombat Security Technologies is a global leader in cyber security awareness and training. Wombat's products include the most comprehensive and effective suite of training and assessment products available in the market place today to train employees and customers. Wombat's dedicated anti-phishing filtering solutions have been shown to consistently best the most popular anti-spam filters when it comes to catching insidious phishing attacks, including zero-hour attacks. Wombat's products have been licensed for use in sectors as diverse as finance, government, insurance and healthcare to name just a few.

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