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April 15, 2008 18:32 ET

Why Is New Book on Selling by Motivational Speaker Grant Cardone Selling Out?

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 15, 2008) - When a powerful message that helps change lives for the better hits its mark, it inspires. That's what's been happening with Grant Cardone's new book "Selling - The Secret to Success." "First release, first week, we're selling out," states Mark Valinsky with Cardone Enterprises. "CEOs of major corporations have ordered hundreds of books at a time after just reading the electronic manuscript."

Self published and without a literary agent the present marketing demand has been so great that 2000 copies of the initial print of 5000 books have already been sold in our first week. "I've already ordered my second print," Cardone proudly states.

It's been a long time since anyone has introduced anything new to Sales since the "Dale Carnegies and Zig Ziglars." "The sales industry has been guided, in many cases misguided, by ineffective, worn out teachings that have remained unchanged for over fifty years. These age-old, stodgy teachings could be the actual reason for the poor results, high turnover and the negative reputation of sales and salespersons," observes Grant.

"'Selling - The Secret to Success' truly separates itself from any other sales manual, or self-help books. It's about people and life not just sales," Howard Tenenbaum, COO, Keyes Automotive Group.

Why Should You Read This Book? Everyone is constantly selling something whether they know it or not. Your ability or your inability to sell, persuade, negotiate and convince others affects every area of your life and will determine how well you'll survive.

"I picked up your book today and with the exception of taking calls I have not been able to put it down. I want our troops to have this information so that when they come back they have solutions to creating the lives they want," John Hamlin, CEO, Hamlin and Assoc.

Insights into the book are contained in the chapters' names: Creating Power! Professional or Amateur? Selling Yourself, Get Sold or Be Sold, There is No Shortage of Money.

Do you know the "Give-Give-Give rule" that will make you a millionaire?

"In 'Selling - The Secret to Success' Grant will show you how to start with nothing and become wealthy with his proven strategies. Anyone who has the desire to be successful in sales and life, this is a must read," Bryan Hardman, GSM Monument Chevrolet.

Do you know the exact thing you have to say to get someone to agree with you?

"Grant Cardone's book 'Selling - The Secret to Success' is not just for salespeople. It's a book on effective persuasion for anyone -- parents, teachers, managers, coaches, etc. -- who needs to influence and motivate the behavior of others," Dr. Tony Alessandra, "The Platinum Rule."

The secrets to your success are in this book. You're either getting your way or you are not! Applied properly, you get immediate results... Become an expert at getting others to agree with you and support you. Win in life.

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