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October 17, 2012 01:00 ET

Why it Can Be Important to Ensure Your Pet has Regular Vaccinations

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 17, 2012) - Britain is undoubtedly a nation of pet lovers, with cats and dogs being some of the most popular domestic animals in the country. This was shown in an Asda survey last year which revealed that 81% of pet owners see their pet as very important to their family.*

Whilst Britons love their household creatures, they might also want to consider the benefits of keeping them fit and healthy.

The cost of living is soaring and many people are cutting back on their everyday expenditure in order to save cash, however, cutting back on your pet's needs could actually cost you more in the long run.

Dealing with a poorly pet is not fun for the owner or the creature as extortionate veterinary bills could cause serious financial headaches.

Why you need to keep on top of pet vaccinations

The RSPCA advises that pets should the immunized to keep them fit and healthy. The animal charity also suggests that vaccinations for your pet could potentially prevent a life-threatening disease and they could also reduce the risk of infectious diseases spreading to humans.**

Typically, kittens and puppies are protected from infection from birth because of their mother's milk. However, the RSPCA claim this only lasts for a few weeks and they need regular vaccinations from a young age.***

The cost of vaccinating a dog over its lifetime will set you back around £300.**** Pet owners pay an average of £70 for initial vaccinations for their cats and around £30 a year there after.***** Not taking care of your pet could result in a trip to the vets, which costs an average of £222 per visit.******

The PDSA also warns that being affectionate with your pet such as a harmless lick on the face from your furry creature could be dangerous as there are lots of germs and bugs that you could catch from getting too close.*******

It is also important to take care when looking after your pet and learn about their habits. Each individual pet might have his or her own needs that pet owners might need to pay attention to.

Asda Money specialises in dog and cat insurance to help care for your pet during sickness or should they suffer an accident.

Notes to editors

* Source: Asda Money eSurvey, June 2011, asking pet owners: 'How important is your pet(s) to you and your family?'

The results were:

  • Very important 81.07%
  • Quite important 14.29%
  • No opinion 3.57%
  • Not important 0.36%
  • Very unimportant 0.71%

*** Source: RSPC Vaccinating your pet

**** Source: RSPCA Is a dog the right animal for you?

***** Source: RSPCA - Is a cat the right animal for you?

****** Source: Telegraph Spoilt pets cost owners £444 in vet bills

******* Source: PDSA Puckering-up to pets poses risk, warns PDSA - National Kissing Day, 04/07/08,-warns-pdsa-_-national-kissing-day,-6-july

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