November 11, 2010 07:06 ET

Wi-fi Scooters to Kick-Start Electrified Urban Mobility

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 11, 2010) - Three of the showstoppers at the 2010 Paris Motor Show were the latest electric scooter models fitted with all the mod-cons, including wi-fi capabilities. While still in the concept phase, these new wi-fi enabled electric scooters are set to kick-start a worldwide trend towards a greener, more versatile mode of urban transport.

Vehicle manufacturers, Smart, Mini and Peugeot's latest offerings in the electric scooter market were met with great approval when they were unveiled at this year's Paris Motor Show. The three concept models promise to offer similar performance to other electric scooters currently available. Each are capable of a driving range of approximately 60 miles, have a recharge time of four to five hours, and can reach a top speed of 30mph.

What sets them apart from the rest, however, are the added extras that are to come standard with each model. Mini's eScooter utilises a smart phone as the ignition key and provides complete wi-fi connectivity for navigation applications, while a Bluetooth-enabled helmet will allow drivers to make calls on the go. The Smart eScooter utilises similar technology to produce an enhanced blind-spot monitoring feature and airbags for protection, while Peugeot's offering includes a battery management system, onboard charger and charging cable situated beneath the seat.

"When our customers speak enthusiastically about their urban vehicle of choice they describe the perfect city car that is manoeuvrable, flexible, safe, spacious, fast, and which offers lots of driving fun, on the road and when looking for a parking space," said Dr Annette Winkler, Head of Smart. Dr Winkler believes that Smart's answer to the electric scooter will combine all of these features in a compact, efficient and greener option for trendy urbanites. 

Regardless of the model purchased, scooter owners should acquire adequate scooter insurance cover before taking to the streets. A scooter insurance policy offers protection against unexpected riding related incidents, providing riders with peace of mind while on the road.

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