August 31, 2005 12:57 ET

Wi-Fi TV Launches Ad Server for Live Online TV

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 31, 2005 -- Merging the old-fashioned pre-cable and pre-satellite delivery concept of free ad-supported TV with the latest Internet delivery technology, Wi-Fi TV Inc. (OTC: WTVN) today launched a new ad server. The server was custom built for Wi-Fi TV Inc. by Consolidated Streaming Inc. (OTC: CSEM).

"We are providing the world with hundreds of free TV channels delivered over the Internet at Like the early days of TV, we have an advertising driven business model. Unlike the early days of TV, we can dynamically target and track our ads in many ways to the needs of our viewers," stated Alex Kanakaris, Chairman of Wi-Fi TV Inc.

Consolidated Streaming Inc. built a custom ad server specifically to meet the specialized advertising needs of the global and diversified web site and it has been deployed for use throughout the web site.

"From backend monitoring for both the advertiser and Wi-Fi TV Inc. of page views and click-throughs, to the payment of ad commissions, to dynamic rotating placement of the ads that draw the best response, to the introduction of specific zones for country and category specific ads, Wi-Fi TV Inc. gave Consolidated Streaming specific requirements for its custom ad server," stated Keith Friedman, Chairman and CEO of Consolidated Streaming Inc. (OTC: CSEM).

More than 200 channels for live TV programming, country and category specific breaking news and free voice over IP phone calls are available at Wi-Fi Tv Inc.'s web site Consolidated Streaming Inc. and Wi-Fi TV Inc. are working closely together on the development of all aspects of the web site.

About Wi-Fi TV, Inc.

Wi-Fi TV, Inc. offers free local, long distance and global telephone service with its Wi-Fi TV virtual dialer and 200 free one-click Wi-Fi TV content channels at Wi-Fi TV, Inc. ( ( has a history of innovation in online content delivery and plans to quantify the value of this unique experience, now that high-speed Internet delivery is becoming available to millions of consumers around the world. Wi-Fi TV draws on the latest IPTV technology and ten years of experience in the delivery of video over the Internet in launching its new service. For further information contact Colby Marceau, Press and Investor Relations, 949-716-9397.

About Consolidated Streaming, Inc.

Consolidated Streaming, Inc., a publicly listed company, is a digital media company specializing in providing Live-On-Demand content to niche market audiences. For further details on this and other Consolidated Streaming news, please visit:

For online distribution of content, Consolidated Streaming, Inc. can be contacted at 386-767-1210 or by e-mail at

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