March 19, 2007 10:40 ET

Wi-Fi TV Sales Reps Offer Targeted Online Video Ads for Placement on Wi-Fi TV and Other Websites With Collective Audience of 126 Million

Wi-Fi TV Has Largest Sales Force Offering Online Video Ads, the World's Fastest Growing Advertising Market

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 19, 2007 -- Wi-Fi TV Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTVI), the only online TV, user video and social networking website with its own independent sales force, is selling online targeted video advertising space for and other websites. The space is available immediately and advertisers are only billed for video ads that are actually viewed by targeted demographics. Advertisers place a deposit for their ad space and replenish the deposit once the allotted number of video impressions is reached.

"Effective today, Wi-Fi TV has the largest independent sales force offering online video ads. This is the hottest new product in the world of advertising, and a perfect fit for our sales force which is already offering Internet TV station sales on Wi-Fi TV," stated Tim Roland, an independent national sales manager for Wi-Fi TV Inc.

"Through an arrangement with Four Spots Inc., which currently has publishing agreements in place allowing us to insert targeted video ads on leading websites, the Wi-Fi TV independent sales team will be able to deliver a collective audience of 126 million viewers, and of course will be one of the sites where the video ads appear," stated Ken Lipscomb, President, Four Spots, Inc.

"This is the next-generation of advertising. It isn't just ads on the Internet and it isn't just video ads on the Internet. It is video ads on the Internet that precede video content and are dynamically delivered directly to a targeted demographic on the fly. Multiple people can be looking at the same video content on the Internet but they will be seeing a different ad before the video content starts. It is a video ad tailored directly to their personal interests," said Joe Soto, an independent national sales manager for Wi-Fi TV Inc.

"This new type of targeted online video ad has the potential to reshape both local and national advertising. There is a great opportunity for our sales reps to sell to local businesses and have the Wi-Fi TV Targeted Video Ads be targeted to the desktops of local consumers. At the same point, national advertisers will be able to know exactly how many people are viewing their ads and get exactly what they pay for, really improving the ability to track online ad results," said Mr. Soto.

In an article appearing in the March 17 edition of the Atlanta Constitution, writer Bob Keefe states, "Ads tied to video websites are the fastest-growing area of online ad spending. Market research firm eMarketer Inc. predicts that ad spending on video sites this year will reach $640 million, nearly triple last year's level. By 2010, the firm predicts, about 8 percent of online ad dollars will be spent on video sites, accounting for more than $2.3 billion.

"That potential is what drove Fox Broadcasting Co. owner News Corp. to buy user-driven social networking site MySpace in 2005. It's why Sony Pictures Entertainment bought Grouper, another video sharing site, last August. It's why numerous big entertainment companies considered buying YouTube before Google won it with a whopping $1.65 billion offer in October.

"And it's why, regardless of what happens with the Viacom-YouTube suit, user-generated content sites will continue to grow, and entertainment companies will find new ways to work with them, industry observers say," the article concludes.

Wi-Fi TV Is a Pioneer In Online TV

Wi-Fi TV Inc. has long touted the coming convergence of TV and the Internet, and provided the first online movie in December 1995. The Wi-Fi TV website is the only place on the Internet where you can watch hundreds of TV stations and chat with others watching the same program in a live chat box directly under the viewing screen, and get breaking news for each country and category listed, and download a dialer and make free phone calls all on one website.

About Wi-Fi TV Inc.

Wi-Fi TV Inc. provides a new generation TV delivery platform that has a geographic sphere out-distancing any traditional cable or over-the-air TV broadcaster. Wi-Fi TV memberships are free at and include such perks as free online phone calls and free chat and free online parties.

Ownership of Wi-Fi TV Premium Stations is available at $25,000 (full details are on the website Several financing options are available. Wi-Fi TV Basic Stations are now available for $5,000.

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The Company was launched in 1995 and has been publicly traded since November 1997, and has been a pioneer in the delivery of video and books over the Internet.

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