November 16, 2007 09:15 ET

Wi-Fi TV and Wi-FiChina to Offer Equal Partner Plan for Content Created and Co-Owned by Writers, Directors and Actors

Wi-Fi TV Plan Challenges the Myth That Future of TV on the Internet Is Uncertain

HOLLYWOOD, CA--(Marketwire - November 16, 2007) - Wi-Fi TV Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTVN) launches, its latest exclusive Internet TV station, this Tuesday with an announcement that Wi-Fi TV ( and its brand Wi-FiChina ( will be offering its global distribution platform for content created and co-owned by writers, directors and producers.

"We are going to challenge the myth that the future of the TV and the Internet is uncertain and that it is too early to give the talent a fair share of the new distribution pie," said Alex Kanakaris, founder of Wi-Fi TV, Inc. "We aren't a conglomerate company with holdings in over-the-air TV stations, cable and satellite delivery, TV networks, movie studios, and production companies. So we don't have the vested interest in obfuscating the future of the Internet the way some of our competitors do," Mr. Kanakaris added.

As part of the program launch of, Wi-Fi TV will announce a "Equal Partner Plan" with a "back to the future" concept created in close consultation with talent associated with the current Hollywood writer's strike.

The plan will take a business model used in the early days of television and apply it to the new technology of Internet TV. Details of the plan will be available on Tuesday, November 20 in the following ways:

1)  As part of the 24/7 content of
2)  As on-demand video at, Topic: Wi-FiTVLive and, Topic:
3)  In a press release (accessible at, WTVN, News)

"The CEOs of major companies are saying that the future of the TV on the Internet is uncertain and that's why they can't do better by the talent behind all the shows of yesterday, today and the future. The future of TV, entertainment and the Internet is certain, and anyone in their right mind finally knows it. This is like when they said the future of home video was uncertain, we'll take care of you down the road, and then home video became the #1 source of revenue and they only took care of themselves," said Alex Kanakaris, founder of Wi-Fi TV.

"Wi-Fi TV is going to aggressively pursue our new Equal Partner Plan to put content on the Internet, through the Wi-Fi TV and Wi-FiChina platform, where more people have potential access than every cable, satellite and network provider combined can offer," he added.

The plan is for individual shows and movies, and is a supplement to the program where Wi-Fi TV will sell any business (including creative talent) its own Wi-Fi TV Station.


Any writer, actor, director, producer or advertiser who wishes to take part in the launch or further discuss the plan may send an email to


The key ingredients to the i-TV stations on the Wi-Fi TV platform are:

a) Global accessibility by anyone with a better than dial-up Internet connection, including potentially millions of viewers in the U.S., China and Europe.

b) Live chat that lets users chat with others about the same programs they are watching. At any one time, there could be 500 different live chat boxes active on Wi-Fi TV based on the number of live stations now available.

Wi-Fi TV stations are available for purchase, for information send an email to or call 949-675-5011.


The press may contact Colby Marceau, Wi-Fi TV Press Relations, at 949-716-9397 or send an email to


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