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February 15, 2012 10:00 ET

Wichita and Goddard Chiropractor Helps Manage Pain With Spinal Decompression Therapy

WICHITA, KS--(Marketwire - Feb 15, 2012) - Auburn Hills Chiropractic announced that their Goddard chiropractor offers spinal decompression therapy, a non-invasive treatment for relieving chronic back and neck pain. The treatment relies on computer-assisted traction to gently create space in the spine. This allows a herniated disc to return to its natural position, rather than compressing nearby nerves. Creating space in the spine is designed to correct the underlying problem for chronic pain. The chiropractor says he has had great success using the treatment with his patients. According to the doctor, many of his patients no longer rely on prescription painkillers and are able to enjoy a full range of movement and flexibility again.

Individuals struggling with chronic pain have a new treatment option. Dr. Jacob Holdren, a Goddard chiropractor with Auburn Hills Chiropractic, announced that he has had great success treating patients using spinal decompression therapy. According to Dr. Holdren, this non-invasive treatment helps patients suffering from sciatica, back pain and neck pain.

"I see patients every day who have been told by other doctors that there is simply nothing that can be done to relieve the patient's pain," Holdren said. "Many of these patients have endured surgeries only to have the pain return, worse than before. I'm excited to tell these patients not to give up -- there is hope. Whether you suffer from a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease, decompression therapy can help."

Spinal decompression therapy uses precise, computer-assisted traction to create space in the spine. When the musculoskeletal system sustains a traumatic injury, the spine often becomes compressed, putting pressure on nearby nerves. For example, if a disc slips out of position in the lower back, this disc may compress the sciatic nerve, leading to a painful condition known as sciatica.

During a treatment session, patients are strapped securely to the decompression table. Dr. Holdren carefully guides the computerized system to slowly apply precise amounts of traction. Through a series of decompression and rest cycles, the therapy helps elongate the spine, restoring its natural, healthy shape.

"If you suffer chronic back pain, medication cannot address the underlying problem," Holdren said. "Decompression treatments are truly revolutionary because we are actually treating the underlying cause. This treatment helps the spine elongate and create a small amount of new space, which is just enough to relieve pressure caused by injured discs."

According to Dr. Holdren, creating space allows the body's own healing powers to work. Once the space is created in the spine, a natural suction or vacuum effect will pull the injured disc back to its proper position. Oxygen and nutrients are able to reach the injured disc, speeding the healing process and reducing painful inflammation.

"Decompression therapy is also a safe neck pain treatment that we use with Wichita whiplash victims," Holdren said. "This treatment has been used for many years by professional athletes, and we are excited to offer it to our valued Wichita patients. I have had great success using decompression therapy to help patients reclaim their lives, and I look forward to helping many more individuals get healthy!"

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