May 15, 2007 11:00 ET

Wide Eye LLC Announces Pre-Production of Its Upcoming Film "SWOLL" in Early 2008

Great Promotion Opportunity for Your Undiscovered Products!

ORANGE COUNTY, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- Wide Eye LLC -- Entertainment with a whole new view.

Wide Eye Entertainment, an innovative people friendly Company, is a people's base entertainment venue, not Hollywood driven; no big egos or overrated movie stars needed. Real People sharing the spotlight for a change!

Our first project, titled "SWOLL," is a feature film that is scheduled for pre-production 1st quarter of 2008, and even you can be a part of the "SWOLL" independent movie project, and I'll tell you how!

"SWOLL" is a feature film with lots of opportunities for anyone that has a good idea!

--  A-list established director already attached
--  A few necessary A-list talented actors to lock in distribution
--  Well known recording artist locked in to do soundtrack
We need actors; we will be casting in all major states across the nation with open auditions, no agents needed. We at Wide Eye could care less about fame -- we want talent.

No William Morris, ACM or Gersh agencies allowed, nor any other overrated agency that thinks they're too bougee for "SWOLL." Only interviewing smaller independent hard working casting companies/agents.

Wide Eye Entertainment is so determined to be independent that we are implementing product placement for struggling artists, unknown clothing manufacturers, tomorrow's innovators, and basically anyone with a finished product who believes that they have something that people want if given the chance to see it.

Our grass roots marketing campaign:

1.  Live events and worldwide media via PR
2.  Red carpet events featuring your product
3.  Media banners/Your product disclosed on media wall
4.  Gifts for VIPs/Opportunities for your brand at live events
5.  Product integration and banners reaching millions of mobile
    phone users worldwide
The movie "SWOLL" is an ensemble piece of five interwoven character parts that needs clothing/wardrobe for its models/actors/cast members. Is your clothing line lacking media attention? If given the opportunity, you could possibly compete with the likes of Channel, Louis Vuitton or any other overexposed, overpriced fashion line out there. Is there an energy drink that needs more exposure, that tastes better than Monster or even cleaner than Red Bull, is your Coke cleaner than Coca Cola, does your Pepsi taste better than Pepsi? (PS Car manufacturers: is your car faster, more gas efficient and nicer looking than the Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, and Spyker and in desperate need of more marketing exposure?) If yes, bring it to Wide Eye baby; we want your product featured in the independent film project "SWOLL."

Right now we are the only company out there that wants to help everybody succeed! Why? Because we care, that's why and it's in our business plan to build new markets and new brands to introduce a wider variety of different opportunities, and new ideas to this vast marketplace to different types of people that desire and crave different things, new things, and it all starts with us and you!

"SWOLL" is a contemporary story exploring steroid abuse, horse doping topics, racism, gay bashing and under-aged pornography.

"SWOLL," the movie, will provide a unique perspective, the hidden truth regarding underground steroid distribution and the competitive drive of those who need to succeed by any means necessary.

Presented by five separate interconnected story lines; showing Dealers, Users, Law Enforcement, Smugglers, crooked politicians and Olympic Officials. In the tradition of "Traffic 2000" five interwoven stories from different perspectives provide the film with fast-paced action and drama.

"SWOLL," the movie, is dedicated to the people who love others, and to our children who have passed away, fallen angels from sexual abuse crimes, now heaven's enlightened souls, rest in peace, on earth you will never be forgotten, we love you! Wide Eye LLC

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