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June 18, 2009 08:03 ET

Widemile Announces the Release of Widemile Optimize™ - Enterprise Edition, the Next Generation of Web Testing and Targeting

Widemile Optimize - Enterprise Edition Has Been Released With Promotional Pricing Packages Available to the First 20 Customers

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - June 18, 2009) - Widemile Inc., a leading provider of multivariate testing and site optimization technologies and services, announced today the release of Widemile Optimize™ - Enterprise Edition, an easy-to-use next generation multivariate testing and targeting software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

"Every once in a while a solution appears out of nowhere with the potential to transform a market. Widemile Optimize is just such a solution for digital marketers looking to make the most of every website visit," said Lance Loveday, Founder, President & CEO of Closed Loop Marketing.

"We set out three years ago to make life easier for digital marketers working to maximize customer conversion rates," stated Robert Bergquist, Widemile President and CEO. "We first developed our technology to assist agency services teams to test and optimize web pages for direct clients, including Microsoft,, VMware, and eMarketer. With today's release of Widemile Optimize - Enterprise Edition, marketers now have access to our advanced technology and methodologies for their own use."

For too long, marketers have been slow to adopt multivariate testing and targeting as it was viewed as too hard and time consuming. Widemile Optimize provides intuitive test set-up wizards that allow marketers to start testing and targeting their web pages immediately. This product release includes a rules-based segmentation wizard enabling marketers to quickly and efficiently define and apply simple or complex segments to target specific visitor segments. Marketers can define and apply visitor segments to test runs without IT involvement, enabling them to launch a new targeted test within minutes with no code modifications to the page being tested. Segments can be based on browser parameters (e.g. source, keyword, etc.), GeoIP information (e.g. zip code, country, area code, etc.), and visitor environment (e.g. browser, day-parting, operating system, etc.).

Widemile Optimize is built to serve novice to advanced users as it scales with a marketer's experience. Widemile's patent-pending approach and technical innovations provide marketers with more flexibility in their test design and accelerate the testing process to deliver optimized landing pages and website content more quickly and more accurately than ever before. No longer are marketers constrained by the inherent limitations of outdated methodologies like Taguchi, which was designed to increase manufacturing efficiencies, not for web content optimization. Widemile's unique design of experiments (DoE) approach and advanced predictive analytics are key aspects setting Widemile Optimize apart from other testing tools.

Widemile supports all major test types with a single tag, without requiring changes to the page being tested. Widemile's simple, non-intrusive tagging approach and single "server call" interaction minimizes the impact on page load times to ensure an optimal user experience.

Although technology is a vitally important part of effective testing and site optimization, it's only part of the solution. Testing and targeting projects need planning, execution, and analysis to reach their full potential. Widemile also provides customers and partners with access to comprehensive online training resources, including best practices available in the Widemile Resource Center and access to a seasoned professional services team.

"Widemile Optimize represents seven generations of enterprise SaaS platform development, incorporating patent-pending multivariate testing technologies that produce error-free results with almost no IT involvement and no visible website performance impact. In addition, our patent-pending analytics based on proven Design of Experiments methodology provides precise results in the theoretical minimum cycle times to achieve the highest possible ROI results," stated Dean Kimball, Widemile CTO and co-founder.

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Pricing and Availability

Widemile Optimize is available immediately. From now through July 31, 2009, Widemile Optimize is available for purchase under special promotional pricing (up to 50% off) on a minimum 6-month subscription limited to the first 20 customers. For a demo and additional information, contact

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Widemile Inc. is a leading provider of testing and targeting technologies and services for online marketers and interactive agencies. By providing the most intuitive, efficient and powerful self-service testing and targeting platform supported with comprehensive online training and a proven professional services team, Widemile helps marketers maximize the value of online marketing investments. Effective marketing is no longer just about knowing what worked. You need to know why it worked and what mattered to your customers. Widemile can help. Widemile is privately held and headquartered in Seattle, WA and can be found at or by calling: 1 (888) 943-3645.

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