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November 06, 2013 10:32 ET

Widen Enterprises Releases 4th Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, Challenges Industry to Follow Suit

Widen's Net Promoter Score Jumps From 33% to 69%, Overall Satisfaction With Service Experience and Product Performance Reach 94.8% and 91.8% Respectively; CEO Asks Digital Asset Management Industry to Match Transparency

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - Nov 6, 2013) - Widen Enterprises, a global leader in web-based digital asset management (DAM), has released the results of its 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey. As in previous years, Widen has made the survey methods and findings public, and CEO Matthew Gonnering has once again challenged the DAM industry to match Widen's transparency and results.

For the 2013 survey, Widen invited 1,358 customer contacts to respond to seven questions. 247 contacts responded, representing a total of 99 unique companies.

Once again, Widen adopted the popular Net Promoter standard for determining how likely customers are to recommend Widen products. Customers were asked to rate from 1 to 10 how likely they are to recommend Widen. A score of "1" would mean "Not at all likely" while "10" would mean "Extremely likely." Respondents were labeled "Promoters," "Passives" and "Detractors" based on their score. The Net Promoter Score was then calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from Promoters.

Highlights of the 2013 survey include the following gains:

  • Widen's Net Promoter Score climbed to 69%, up from 33% in 2012 and 27% in 2011. This score matches Amazon's overall Net Promoter Score.
    • Promoters (9-10): 73% of respondents
    • Passives (7-8): 22%
    • Detractors (0-6): 4%

  • 94.8% of Widen customers were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall service experience, up from 87.4% in 2012.

  • 91.8% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall product performance, up from 83.2% in 2012.

Widen published the survey results in full on its website. CEO Matthew Gonnering also authored a blog post challenging the DAM industry to follow Widen's example.

"Each year we challenge competitors in the digital asset management space to reveal how satisfied their customers really are compared to Widen customers," said Gonnering. "We say we differentiate ourselves through the level of service we provide, and this is one of the ways we prove that to potential buyers. The bottom line is that we care a lot about our customers, and we're proud to show the world how well we are meeting their needs."

Results of the 2013 customer satisfaction survey may be viewed here.

See Matthew Gonnering's blog post on the results and challenge to the DAM industry here.

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