March 14, 2011 17:30 ET

WiFiRV Warns RV Parks, Campgrounds, and Resorts That Ownership of WiFi Equipment Has Hidden Risks

Properties in the RV Industry Benefit From Partnering With Wireless Internet Specialists Offering Turnkey WiFi Amenities

WESTPORT, CT--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) -  WiFiRV, a 9-year-old wireless Internet Service Provider specializing in nationwide RV resort, campground, and outdoor hospitality industry deployments, tasks RV industry property owners to consider the value of purchasing sensitive WiFi electronics that are difficult and costly to maintain.

"Frustrated property owners and managers call us daily," said John Michael Borg, II, President and Founder of WiFiRV. "For a long time, the RV industry has been sold on the idea that purchasing WiFi equipment is in the property owner's best interest -- but that's not necessarily true. Most wireless providers know that WiFi equipment is a liability, not an asset." Borg added: "Most campground owners, resort management companies, and RV park mangers don't take into account the technical expertise, staff resources, and industry knowledge WiFi equipment ownership requires."

WiFi equipment, like other electronics, has a high failure rate and becomes outdated quickly. "Residential class WiFi routers installed at the camp store, office, or clubhouse worked as a quick fix 5-10 years ago, but to draw in business today, RV travelers require WiFi throughout the property," Borg said. "With equipment requirements being highly specialized, terrain varying from high altitude pine forests to open landscape deserts, every WiFi deployment must be custom-built to work well. Take those issues into account, along with weather and temperature extremes, and a high density of metal objects (RVs), it's pretty obvious that reliable WiFi amenities are something that comes with industry expertise."

In addition, Borg warned that equipment maintenance, repairs, and upgrades are cost-prohibitive for many property owners. Once WiFi gear is sold to a property, the seller knows that the property will likely need to buy new equipment again 2-3 years down the line. Property owners often fail to factor in this cost when making their decisions.

For optimum results, Borg recommended that RV park, resort, and campground owners partner with a third-party WiFi equipment and Internet service provider who knows the RV and outdoor hospitality industry. "Most importantly," Borg emphasized, "don't buy into the concept that equipment ownership is an asset -- because it's not!"

Borg concluded: "If you're considering owning WiFi equipment, talk to other properties who've had a WiFi amenity for three years or more. Ask what they paid, how often they repaired the amenity, and if they'd do it all over again. Most will say they wish someone else was handling the amenity, managing the guest experience, maintaining the equipment -- and, unfortunately, they learned that the hard way!"

ABOUT WiFiRV: WiFiRV handles all equipment installation, upgrades, and repairs for its RV property partners, and is the only WiFi Internet service provider that has over 70% of its RV resort, park, and campground amenities generating income for property owners. Through low or no cost installs, expert engineering, nationwide scalability, 3-5 new properties a week, and nearly a decade of RV industry expertise, WiFiRV partners with RV park owners to turn the WiFiRV solution into an investment, not a liability.

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