February 02, 2016 10:00 ET

Wikoff Color Corporation Has Signed On as a Master Licensee With HDM20 Corp

SCHOMBERG, ON--(Marketwired - February 02, 2016) - HDM20 Corporation, provider of a patented, high purity refined mineral which can offer extended shelf-life for food products, and Wikoff Color Corporation, which provides inks, coatings and specialty chemicals to packaging and labeling businesses in retail, commercial and industrial markets, have entered into an agreement for the use of HDM20 in Wikoff formulated packaging products.

Within the grocery and retail space, the ability to keep produce fresh and preserved longer is an ongoing challenge. The longer the produce can be kept within the acceptable condition for consumption, the more produce is sold and the percentage of spoilage and ultimately waste is reduced significantly. These costs can be very significant with current fresh produce spoilage approaching 30-40% in many cases. Our products are engineered for extended shelf-life applications.

Wikoff utilizes HDM20 -- a GRAS rated refined mineral with its high pH, in formulated packaging coatings for fresh produce throughout the transporting and retail supply chain for its customers. With incorporation of HDM20 in its packaging structure, the shelf life of the produce is extended considerably beyond current regular package designs. 

For Wikoff, it is an excellent opportunity to extend its specialty product offerings to both current and new prospective customers by providing a value-added, differentiated offering unique to the marketplace. For the Produce Transporters, Packagers and Retail Operators, this innovative product presents a significant opportunity to extend shelf-life, reduce spoilage and in turn reduce costs and overall waste. 

About Wikoff Color Corporation
Wikoff Color is an innovative manufacturer of printing inks and coatings for Packaging, Label, Folding Carton, Commercial, Security and Digital markets. Wikoff Color's founder, Fred Wikoff, Jr., recognized two important needs in the printing industry in 1956 when he founded the company: tailor-made inks to maximize press room efficiency and highly technical, service oriented approaches to ink making. Staying true to form, Wikoff Color continues to be the leading service provider in the printing industry.

About HDM20 Corporation
HDM20 Corporation owns a patented multi-use refined mineral that is free of hazardous metals (arsenic, lead, aluminum, cadmium and barium) rendering it safe for human use (GRAS approved) to permanently remove harmful germs, fungi and parasitic insects (such as lice, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, termites, cockroaches) which are eliminated as a result of the high PH level. It also extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables up to 300% by its ability to capture moisture and carbon dioxide within the packaging.

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