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August 04, 2014 11:54 ET

Wild Veggie Wins Ashley Koff Approval for Purees

Wild Veggie Is Pleased to Have Received Ashley Koff's Stamp of Approval on All Vegetable Purees

CULVER CITY, CA--(Marketwired - August 04, 2014) - Ashley Koff is an internationally renowned dietitian who helps consumers, healthcare practitioners, and the media easily identify products that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to making appearances on Dr. Oz and The Doctors, Ashley is frequently featured in and writes articles for national publications, including: The New York Times, O!: The Oprah Magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Redbook, and Women's Health.

Ashley describes herself as a Qualitarian -- focusing on how the quality of products can affect health and happiness. In order for consumers to easily identify quality products, Ashley developed tools such as The AKA Nutrition Plan for Optimal Health and The AKA List (Ashley Koff Approved). Evaluating everything from products, menus, recipes, and make-up, the Ashley Koff Approved Stamp confirms that it has been evaluated and approved as a better quality, healthy choice.

For brands like Wild Veggie, Ashley's approval is an excellent way to highlight their true commitment to nutrition. Ashley explicitly states that her stamp is earned and not bought, and is only given to brands committed to nutrition, taste, and lack of chemicals or harmful preservatives. When considering a brand, Ashley unwraps their ingredient list, searching for hidden "no no" products or lack of quality.

Wild Veggie met Ashley's requirements with flying colors, offering a delicious variety of six unique vegetable flavors, perfect for soups, dips, sauces and snacks including: edamame, carrot, butternut squash, carrot, broccoli and red bell pepper. Wild Veggie proudly picks their vegetables at the ultimate peak of ripeness. Shortly after harvested, the vegetables are pureed and flash frozen to insure quality and lock-in nutrients. Unlike other frozen products, Wild Veggie avoids using any additives or preservatives, locking-in delicious flavor and nutrients, naturally.

Additionally, Wild Veggie has launched healthy choices for breakfast in delicious and heart healthy breakfast bowls in strawberry, blueberry, dried fruit and brown sugar varieties. Steel-cut oats, quinoa and pearl barley are a powerful and fulfilling way to start the morning right. 

Whether looking for a healthy addition at the dinner table, or a quick, easy and nutritious way to start the day, Wild Veggie's products are healthy and safe. With approval from renowned dieticians like Ashley Koff, consumers nationwide know they are choosing taste, nutrition, and quality.

Wild Veggie is a Vegetable Puree and Breakfast Bowl company based in Southern California. Known for their high quality, natural & organic ingredients, Wild Veggie is committed to bringing healthy, easy, quick meal solutions to busy consumers.

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