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The Wilderness Committee Manitoba Field Office
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Manitoba Wildlands

June 20, 2011 15:12 ET

Wilderness Committee Files Legal Action Against Manitoba Government

Queens Bench Rule Review Filed to Clarify Ban on Logging in Parks

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire - June 20, 2011) - The Wilderness Committee has filed a legal action against the Manitoba government, with the intent of clarifying the recent ban on logging in provincial parks. Despite bringing in a logging ban in all provincial parks in June 2009, the government issued a license to Tolko to build a logging road across Grass River Provincial Park in August 2009. The Wilderness Committee and Manitoba Wildlands believe that the clearing of forest for the construction of this logging road logging has no place in a Manitoba park.

"Manitobans love their parks," said Eric Reder, Campaign Director for the Wilderness Committee. "This legal action is a respectful, responsible way to resolve the dispute between the government and the thousands of Manitobans who want their parks protected from logging."

This legal action, a Queens Bench 14.05 Rule Review, is a necessary next step to uphold the public interest in protecting Manitoba's parks.

"The simple explanation is that we are asking a judge to give us a legal definition: is a logging road considered logging or not?" said Reder. "The Wilderness Committee and Manitoba Wildlands discussed this review with the Conservation Minister, and requested that the government pursue this judicial rule review with us. The Conservation Minister decided not to cooperate with us, and so the Wilderness Committee filed this action to clarify the law."

Tolko's Dickstone South logging road construction plan quietly received final approval from government in February 2011. Construction began in a remote section of Grass River Provincial Park in March 2011 and was stopped in April. The environmental license requires construction to halt between March 31 and July 15, when road construction is expected to resume in the park.

The Wilderness Committee is Canada's largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization. We work for the preservation of Canadian and international wilderness through research and grassroots education. The Wilderness Committee works on the ground to achieve ecologically sustainable communities. We work only through lawful means.

Manitoba Wildlands is a non-profit environmental and public research organization. We work with communities, industry sectors, and environmental organizations for the future of Manitoba's lands and waters. We support establishment of protected areas in Manitoba, with a special focus on our boreal forest regions.

Thank you for supporting wilderness.

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