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July 16, 2013 08:00 ET

WildPackets Announces WatchPoint 3.0

Completely Re-Architected Network Monitoring Solution Uses Big Data Technology to Monitor and Analyze Network Activity From Split-Second Anomalies to Year-Long SLA-Scale Trends

WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - WildPackets, Inc., a leading provider of network and application performance analysis solutions, today announced WatchPoint 3.0, the first distributed network monitoring solution that uses big data technology to capture all network flow and packet analysis data with one-minute granularity for up to one year. This provides the most comprehensive details and reports for service-level agreement analysis and reporting.

Network traffic is exploding with the growing adoption of faster networks, virtualized infrastructures, video, and mobile computing. Businesses of all kinds need to understand network performance in real time for troubleshooting, and over months or even a year for SLA compliance, capacity planning, and the assessment of network anomalies associated with important events and increasing demands. Today, most enterprises have two choices: they can look at recent traffic in detail or they can view long-term statistics based on averages or data sampling, sacrificing details for the architectural convenience. Most enterprises do not have the best of both worlds: real-time monitoring and rich, detailed long-term analysis in a single, comprehensive network monitoring solution.

WatchPoint 3.0 fills this gap and provides up to one year of network analysis data, without sampling or averaging data, giving IT administrators, IT managers, and line-of-business managers the most comprehensive and detailed view of network performance available. Instead of cobbling together multiple short-term reports to understand long-term network performance, stakeholders can view reports that accurately represent long-term trends and baselines.

To support this detailed, scalable repository of network data, WatchPoint 3.0 uses a new big data architecture with a vast, flexible, and highly responsive data store that supports rich analysis of historical network activity and, through integration with WildPackets OmniPeek network analyzer, instant drill-down capabilities to the packet level. Businesses can use WatchPoint to monitor network health across data centers and branches; for example, a major energy company is using WatchPoint to monitor network operations at all its POS locations in the United States. Businesses can also use WatchPoint to examine current or previous network activity in close detail. For example, WatchPoint enables a leading financial services firm to verify, analyze, and troubleshoot financial data feeds.

"The challenge for distributed network monitoring solutions is to scale high-level network performance monitoring with its huge amount of associated network data down to the most pertinent network details," explained Tim McCreery, President and CEO of WildPackets. "With WatchPoint 3.0, we've re-architected our analysis platform to use big data architecture for data storage and analysis. The result is a solution that provides both long-term analytics and instant drill-down capabilities, delivering the essential facts needed for expert analysis. It's like giving the NOC team a finely tuned microscope instead of a free plastic magnifier."

"TRAC's research shows that organizations are losing, on average, $72,000 per minute of unplanned network downtime," stated Bojan Simic, TRAC Research. "Having a network monitoring solution that can capture all of your data without sampling or averaging over a year is essential in understanding how you can make your network perform better, discovering security risks and finding intermittent problems before they snowball into network downtime."

Key Capabilities of WatchPoint 3.0

  • Broad Network Coverage in a Single Pane: WatchPoint aggregates data from up to 20 network segments into a single view of network health, application trends, and business activity. The product summarizes data from OmniFlow-supported devices, NetFlow-supported devices, and sFlow-supported devices.
  • Extensive Data Monitoring: WatchPoint monitors all data from all network flows and reports popular analytics like network utilization, top applications, top nodes, top flows, and VoIP analytics.
  • Critical Business Application Monitoring: WatchPoint can track important business applications such as Oracle Financials, SAP or NetSuite. Customers can see at a glance whether specific applications are performing in compliance with SLAs and meeting end user needs.
  • VoIP Analytics: WatchPoint provides a comprehensive Call Detail Record (CDR) for up to one year.
  • Flexible Reporting: WatchPoint supports both ad hoc and scheduled PDF reports.
  • Customization to Fit Businesses' and Users' Needs: WatchPoint allows users to create custom alerts and alarms based on monitored data. Additionally, it provides customizable displays for users, which can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Seamless Integration with other WildPackets Analysis and Troubleshooting Solutions: WatchPoint integrates with OmniPeek network analyzers, Omnipliance network appliances, and other WildPackets' products.

Pricing and Availability
For information about pricing and availability, please contact or call (925) 937-3200.

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