November 23, 2010 06:58 ET

Will Swinton See a Sudden Rise in Sales of Sidecars Following the Release of Harry Potter

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 23, 2010) - Following the release of the new Harry Potter film this week, Swinton Bike Insurance is bracing itself for an increase in customers insuring sidecars, as this old fashioned addition to the motorbike is set to drive bikers as crazy as a Confundus charm.

An online survey of 1200 existing Swinton bike insurance customers revealed that 21% would consider purchasing a sidecar as a new addition to their bike, enabling friends and relatives to share the motorbike experience. 

The reason the sidecar is set to become the biggest craze since Quidditch, is down to a cameo featuring in the film, where Harry escapes the Death Eaters on Hagrid's motorbike. Sidecars have been used before in the likes of the ever popular hit TV programme and films Wallace and Gromit, however Swinton Insurance is expecting a surge of sidecar quotes down to Harry Potter mania, as sales of motorbike sidecars, such as the blue Manx sidecar which actually appears in the film, have risen by 6% in the past month.

Swinton advises customers that insurance for sidecars needs to be taken out in addition to regular motorbike insurance and would like to warn drivers to take extra care whilst driving their bike with the additional sidecar attached.

Anthony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes, said "It's great to see that people are bringing back the sidecar making motorbikes a more practical mode of transport, whilst still being exciting and quick alternative to the everyday car. Customers should be aware that there are many added safety precautions that need to be taken whilst using a sidecar especially during the winter months as weather can be so unpredictable."

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