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October 27, 2011 09:15 ET

Wilmington Chiropractor Offers Nutrition Plans as Part of Wellness Program

WILMINGTON, NC--(Marketwire - Oct 27, 2011) - Patients who visit Chiropractic Central in Wilmington, NC have access to more than the traditional adjustments offered by practitioners. The clinic helps its patients heal from injuries and maintain their wellness through a variety of therapeutic strategies, including the preparation of customized nutrition plans. According to Dr. David Lude, this approach works hand in hand with other treatments to give the body the building blocks it needs to repair itself while also helping to control weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and other critical aspects of good health.

"Nutrition therapy is an important part of the work we do here," says Dr. Lude. "The human body requires the right foods in the right amounts. Otherwise it cannot heal itself or even maintain its normal functions. In today's busy world, people often eat whatever they can grab without actually thinking about what they are doing to themselves. As a result, we have an explosion of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other largely preventable ailments."

These ailments include spinal misalignments and the many symptoms and conditions those alignments can cause. Extra weight places more stress on the spine, and the forces exerted against the vertebrae can cause or facilitate subluxations -- misalignments that can lead to herniated discs, headaches and back pain as well as other joint problems. Impinged nerves from such misalignments may also contribute to a host of problems ranging from sciatica to immune system dysfunction. Eating too much food is not the only way diet can have a negative impact on health. Allergies to such common foods as dairy or wheat products can make their presence felt in some unusual ways, including joint stiffness or back complaints.

The clinic aims to relieve problems caused or worsened by poor eating habits while educating patients on how they can remain healthy going forward. "We advise each patient individually because each person has unique nutritional needs. Age, sex, genetics, lifestyle, pre-existing conditions and health goals must all be taken into account. We customize our Wilmington nutrition therapy to make sure every patient has the right solution," says Dr. Lude.

Dr. Lude also notes that even people who have no current medical conditions can benefit from such plans: "The earlier you correct your dietary habits and begin to look after your health, the less chance you will have of developing a medical problem in the future. This preventative approach is central to wellness." Preventative care and massage therapy administered at the office are designed to keep the body's various systems in good working order, while allowing the chiropractor to detect and treat any early-stage problems that may appear.

Chiropractic Central currently welcomes new patients while continuing to provide care for its ongoing clientele. Dr. Lude recommends that area residents concerned about the impact of nutrition on their current or future health arrange for an initial consultation. For more information regarding healthy lifestyles, please visit the clinic's website at:

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