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Johnson's Baby

June 27, 2013 10:00 ET

WIN with Johnson's® Baby and Celebrate Big Little Moments™

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - June 27, 2013) - Johnson's® Baby has launched on Facebook the Big Little Moments™ competition with 60 hampers up for grabs in 10 weekly prize draws.

To enter, mum's and dads have to submit their photos and videos of their little one's best frothy hair dos, bubble beards and foamy faces!

Over the next 10 weeks Johnson's® Baby wants to celebrate you and your baby's Big Little Moments™, this month the photo competition is all about bubbles and how much fun you can have during baby's bath time.

Click here to enter today or find out more.

Bath time is the perfect time for mum or dad to bond with baby through fun and games. To help kick start the competitions why not try some of Johnson® Baby's favourite bath time game suggestions below with your little one.

For 0-6 months

1. Sing simple songs to baby as you bath them - like "this is the way to wash your face."

2. Turn empty bottles into submarines, boats and even rocket ships.

3. Take a bath with baby. Babies love it when one of you shares the bath with them

4. Play Eskimo bubbles. Dab a few bubbles on baby's nose - and gently pop them with your own!

For 6 to 15 months

1. Use wooden spoons, plastic containers, etc. for a fun music-making session.

2. Blow bubbles - simply drop a little NO MORE TEARS® Shampoo on your hands and then form a ring with thumbs and forefingers - and blow giant bubbles!

3. Swimming lessons. With one hand underneath them, gently swish baby up and down the bath - let's see those legs kicking!

4. Bubble beard - give yourself a beard made out of bubbles, and see the chuckles you'll get.

For 15 months plus

1. Naming of parts - put bubbles on different parts of baby's body, and encourage him to say their names - nose, arm, hand - you can repeat as you dry them afterwards too.

2. Bubble spelling - spell out letters in bubbles on baby's tummy - they'll love it, and they'll start learning too.

3. Spike up their hair with shampoo, and show them the results in the mirror - what a hoot!

4. Kick start - pop a little ball in the bath with them, and encourage baby to kick it around.

For more information, ideas and videos on make baby bath time more fun visit Johnson's Baby®.

Some must not do's

Kids can be cute at all times but to ensure your entry gets through, please check there's no nudity and that your photo and video would not be deemed offensive to the general public.

We also ask that no music or brands (other than JOHNSON'S® Baby) are featured (including logos, cartoons, other trademarks on the clothing and in the background) and that your entry isn't derogatory towards the JOHNSON'S® Baby brand. For more No Nos or rules concerning photo and video content please refer to the Terms & Conditions on the JOHNSON'S® Baby Facebook page.

The competition starts on 19th June 2013. The closing date for entries is 5PM on 02/08/2013. The competition is open to parents or guardians who are residents of the UK, IOM, Channel Islands and ROI who are aged 18 years or over. All children featured must be aged 6 years or younger. No purchase necessary. Full Terms & Conditions apply.

This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administer by, or associated with Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to Johnson & Johnson Limited and not Facebook. Unless you have chosen to receive more information, the information you provide will only be used for this competition.

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