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May 13, 2014 11:57 ET

WingCash Launches iPhone App, Changing the Mobile Wallet Landscape

AMERICAN FORK, UT--(Marketwired - May 13, 2014) -  Cash used to be King. Everyone had it. Everyone used it. Everyone wanted more. But what's in your wallet now? Plastic. WingCash has made a groundbreaking move by enabling users to hold actual cash in an online wallet. Today, the company launched the new Wingcash iPhone app, which gives users a mobile wallet to manage and access online US Dollars, as well as gift, loyalty and rewards cash.

"WingCash is currency elevated," says Bradley Wilkes, Founder and CEO of WingCash. "We've developed a core payment technology that will revolutionize mobile wallets. It's 100% traceable, secure, and FDIC pass-thru insured. The app allows people to transfer money to others and make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores."

With WingCash, your funds are secure because no one can take money from your wallet. You don't need overdraft protection because, like physical cash, you can only spend the cash you possess. And there are no fees for transactions. On the other hand, physical cash can be lost, stolen or destroyed. Alternative payment options and some gift cards come with fees, expiration dates, delays and identity theft.

WingCash is a way for individuals and businesses to send and receive payment over the Internet and in person. It preserves the benefits of cash and solves the problems of carrying currency by safely and securely putting cash in the cloud. All transfers are immediate and always free for both you and the recipient. Anyone with Internet access or a smart mobile device can use WingCash.

Signing up is also free. Simply create a WingCash wallet at You can then add money from your bank account, someone can use WingCash to give you money, or you can get WingCash from participating businesses. You can even exchange WingCash through social media. You are not required to store bank account or credit/debit card information, and if you lose your phone, your cash is secure in the cloud.

Got gift, loyalty, or rewards cards? CardHub estimates there is $44 Billion in unredeemed gift cards lying around! WingCash holds all the cards in one place for easy access, and gift cash never expires. When you pay with WingCash, the app automatically suggests spending gift cash first. Want to transfer some of your gift cash to friends and family and keep some for yourself? It's easy!

Are you a merchant? Businesses can create your own uniquely branded form of cash and use that cash to reward loyal customers and generate larger purchases and return visits. You can even set up agreements with other merchants and create bundled offers.

Download the app now at iTunes. An Android app is also on the way. For a limited time, local businesses are offering $20 in free gift cash to anyone who signs up. To see more WingCash eGift Card offers, visit the Pinterest Board. Each offer includes a FREE 20% bonus in extra rewards. Follow WingCash on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Founded in 2009, WingCash is a free mobile wallet that securely stores your cash and e-gift cash (aka gift cards). You can easily access your wallet from your smart devices anytime to make a purchase or send cash to your friends and family. Businesses trust WingCash transactions to be safe and secure. You can too. For more information, visit

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