The Canadian Million Dollar Web Site

February 01, 2006 09:01 ET

Winnipeg Entrepreneur Launches "Million Dollar Web Site"

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, City Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, MEDIA ADVISORY--(CCNMatthews - Feb. 1, 2006) - If you're looking to attract more visitors to your web site, David Kehler, a Winnipeg web designer, has a new, cost effective option for you with The Canadian Million Dollar Web Site (

Anyone with a web site can purchase ad space in the form of "pixels" (the tiny dots that make up computer images) for $1.00 each, with the minimum purchase being a 10 X 10 block. There are a million pixels available, hence the site's name. Kehler, in turn, is guaranteeing that The Canadian Million Dollar Web Site will remain in operation for at least five years.

While the concept isn't completely original, the implementation certainly is. Kehler, himself a wheelchair user, is a web accessibility expert. "Every web site I create is designed to be usable by everyone," Kehler explained. "Other pixel advertising sites often add unnecessary elements that hamper accessibility for people with disabilities and slow the page down. The Canadian Million Dollar Web Site doesn't do that. My goal is to offer the best pixel advertising site on the Internet, and I believe it is."

Making the web site accessible to all means that advertisers won't be limiting their potential market. A fast site also ensures that visitors won't get frustrated with long loading times and leave without seeing the ads.

Pixel advertising is one of the hottest trends on the Internet today, and with ad costs on Kehler's site starting at an average of less than $0.06 per day, it's a real bang for the advertiser's buck. /For further information: or

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