December 03, 2007 16:46 ET

Winter comes early to the applause of Canadians

The calendar may say it’s still fall but the snowfall across Canada this past weekend says otherwise.

Attention: Assignment Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor, Transportation Editor TORONTO/ON, DECEMBER/03/2007/--(Marketwire - Dec. 3, 2007) - Over the past 24-hours the last of the bare spots across Canada have been covered by a blanket of snow as Canadians bid 'hello' to the winter snowfall season. What is usually a season met by grumbles is this year being met by whoops and hollers and crossed fingers as thousands of Canadians hope for even more snow to fall - specifically on January 1st, 2008. Canadians know that if it does snow more than 5 inches on that day and that if they have booked their qualifying vacation with itravel2000 they will get their vacation for free.

Total snowfall in the three Canadian snow measurement points that itravel2000 uses for their official measurement have been notable so far this year with Toronto's Pearson Airport reporting 11cm, Calgary International Airport measuring10.4cm and Halifax's Stanfield International Airport seeing an impressive 24cm total snowfall for the month of November. On January 1st 2008, the amount of snowfall will be verified by Environment Canada across the country in these snow measurement points.

Any consumer that books select winter vacation with itravel2000 before midnight December 7th, 2007 can get their vacation for free - if it snows more than 5 inches on January 1st, 2008. "This offer on top of the strong Canadian dollar makes for a win-win situation for the Canadian traveller this winter," says Carroll.

On New Year's day Jonathan Carroll will be hoping for snow like everyone else, "I plan on spending New Year's day signing cheques for our customers for free vacations. I've got my fingers crossed for record snowfall this year."

Canadian consumers who book their qualifying vacation with itravel2000 will qualify based upon where they live in Canada. There will be three snow measurement points across Canada. "To date we have handed out 10s of thousands of rulers -- but we will leave it to the experts at Environment Canada to do the official measurement for us" says Carroll.

If it snows, consumers will be reimbursed for the retail price of their package vacation, flight or hotel upon their return. To be eligible, Canadians must book their package vacations, hotel or flight by midnight December 7th, 2007 for departures up to April 30, 2008.

The 'Let it Snow' & 'Let it Snow Mexico' programs will be covered by WeatherBill, the world's only online weather risk management service that allows business to protect revenues from the effects of bad weather. itravel2000 has taken out the largest single-day weather coverage in history. WeatherBill's significant risk capacity and simple, automated service for managing weather risk and promotions made them the perfect partner given the large scale of the 'Let it Snow' program.
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