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October 26, 2012 04:00 ET

Winter Safety Needs to Be Taken Seriously Warns Health and Safety Website

Businesses Urged to Prepare for the Cold Spell

PRESTON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 26, 2012) - As summer merges into autumn and the leaves fall from the trees, employers have been urged to take health and safety seriously – before the winter months hit.

The advice comes from whatishealthandsafety.co.uk – a reputable online website which offers safety information to a wide variety of organisations – and is designed to keep employees, visitors and general members of the public safe throughout the nippy spell.

Business owners are being encouraged to carry out a thorough risk assessment of their premises – be it an office or a factory or staff that use workplace equipment – and to invest in highly-durable safety signs from a company like Welco. They've also been advised to stock up on snow shovels, de-icer and sand bags, sooner rather than later, and have been asked to carry out maintenance work in good time.

Matt Hornsby, a spokesperson for the site said: "Every year, companies are caught out by the first hard frost or the first heavy snow fall and are left scrambling for emergency supplies. To prevent this from happening, we're urging people to think ahead by securing their premises and stocking up on winter essentials."

The whatishealthandsafety.co.uk spokesperson continued: "One of the best ways to tighten up health and safety is to carry out a thorough risk assessment. This is a quick, simple and hassle-free process which involves walking around and jotting down anything that could potentially harm another human being – be it wobbly steps or hot water. Once this is done, the relevant signage can be bought and the correct repair jobs can be made – before the first snow falls."

The winter safety advice also follows statistics from HSE – the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness – which reveal that over 200 employees every year at work and many more are injured.

Commenting on these figures, Hornsby said: "It's incredibly sad when people lose their lives at work. Accidents do indeed happen, but measures must be taken to ensure people are kept as safe as possible."

If you're looking to improve the safety standards of your business, Welco provides a wide range of essential products.

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