November 24, 2011 01:00 ET

Winter Tyres and Careful Driving Could Lower Motor Traders Insurance Premiums Say eQuoteDirect

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Nov. 24, 2011) - Motor insurance brokers eQuoteDirect, have advised frequent road using businesses to consider winter proofing their vehicles to reduce the chance of an accident and in effect - reduce their overall insurance quote.

The insurance brokers are raising awareness about winter dangers after a study from mytyres.co.uk revealed just 6% of people have considered buying winter tyres. eQuoteDirect state that road-dependant businesses with multiple vehicles on the road are particularly vulnerable but can take certain precautions to keep their business safe and running as normal.

Winter accidents can inflate subsequent motor traders insurance quotes but with a team of careful drivers on the road, businesses can take comfort in knowing their employees and vehicles are as safe as can be.

When temperatures drop below 8°C, the silicon compounds in standard tyres are affected and their flexibility and resilience can be reduced. Stopping distances in snow and ice are at least 10 times greater than on dry roads. eQuoteDirect say winter tyres can significantly reduce icy stopping distances and are the first line of defence for winter roadsters.

Winter proofing windscreens is also recommended by the brokers. Window washer needs to have anti-freeze components inside in order to function properly. eQuoteDirect are encouraging drivers to also check if their headlights and wing mirrors have frosted over.

A spokesperson for the firm commented:

'We can't stress enough about the dangers of driving in winter. The gritting trucks only cover the major roads and it's those icy side streets where motorists are at risk. If everybody can get used to preparing their vehicles for winter we should see a drop in accident figures and insurance premiums nationwide.'

After all the precautionary measures have been taken, workers still need to be extra careful when driving in wintry conditions.

eQuoteDirect are dedicated to sourcing quality bespoke trade car insurance quotes on behalf of their clients - providing a safety net which is always there should an accident occur, regardless of a firm's extra efforts to protect their staff and company cars in winter.

To find out more about eQuoteDirect and how they can help your business protect company cars this winter visit www.equotedirect.co.uk.

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