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December 10, 2010 00:30 ET

Winter Tyres Will Not Void Your Van Insurance Policy-Official

CHESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 10, 2010) - Despite speculation to the contrary the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has announced that the use of winter tyres on commercial vehicles will not invalidate the vehicle's road risks insurance. The ABI have clarified the situation following a radio interview last week when an AA spokesman intimated that there was a concern surrounding the fitment of winter tyres with a speed rating lower than the standard specification which might invalidate any insurance in place.

An ABI spokesman said "Fitting snow tyres wouldn't be considered a material modification that would impact on the premium, so insurers would not expect to be notified that they had been fitted. What is important is having these tyres fitted by a reputable garage or dealer."

However, there are reports from some quarters that some insurance companies are charging additional premiums for drivers fitting winter tyres. Although the ABI statement should dispel the fallacy that fitting winter tyres is a vehicle "modification" it is still a matter of conjecture as to why insurers feel the need to apply increased premiums in these circumstances.

A spokesman for Staveley Head, a UK van insurance specialist, said "Winter tyres can be used effectively throughout the winter and not just during periods of snow and ice. They work better than standard tyres when temperatures fall below 7 degrees C, whatever the road conditions, because the tyre compound does not harden the same and allows more grip on the road surface. Stopping distances under braking are considerably reduced."

There is widespread opinion that the British motoring public needs to be educated as to the benefits of fitting winter tyres during the winter months and promoting the fact that they are beneficial throughout the cold weather months and not just during a snowfall, which is the popular concept. The expression "snow tyres" has probably not helped the general public understand the full benefits and capacity of winter tyres.

There is also a potential cost saving to be made. Once the initial outlay for a set of inexpensive steel rims has been made, the price of winter tyres is considerably less than standard tyres because they are that much smaller. Drivers can therefore save on the wear and tear of their expensive standard tyres and alloy wheels during the winter months.

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