October 06, 2015 09:30 ET

WireIE Expands Oil and Gas Presence

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - October 06, 2015) - WireIE, a wholesale network operator specialized in the development of MEF certified Carrier Ethernet networks to Canada's underserved markets, has grown substantially in the oil and gas industry. Over the last 18 months, WireIE has expanded their Western footprint by 233%, and is currently servicing 70% of Western Canada's oil and gas market.

The need for network availability in any location is especially important for oil and gas, to drive operational efficiencies and workforce savings. This is particularly difficult to achieve in geographically dispersed areas that must contend with low-bandwidth and problematic connectivity. WireIE uses a hybrid architecture based on fiber and digital radio to deliver metro-quality, high-availability networks to these challenging areas.

“We are certified and referenced experts in delivering secure, high-availability networks in underserved markets," says WireIE CEO and President, Rob Barlow. “Our experience in designing and implementing diverse solutions, while maintaining a secure and reliable network has established WireIE as the leading choice to solve critical business problems in the oil and gas industry."

The oil and gas exploration industry faces common challenges in extending their private networks to support real-time business applications between drilling sites and central offices. WireIE's goal is to provide solutions to the challenges face in underserved markets. with a strategically-planned, secure, affordable, and phased delivery of fully managed networks for use by all disciplines to exploit information and communication technologies across the life-cycle of their asset(s).

“Today, critical business applications require low latency, low packet loss and high availability,” explains Rob Barlow. “Where terrestrial based solutions exist, the logistics around the movement of these communications networks with the drill sites adds significant costs and project delays to oil and gas companies.”

WireIE’s growth in Western Canada is due in large to their ability to circumvent the challenges commonly faced in this industry. WireIE’s footprint extends from coast to coast, and their experience in underserved markets has augmented their growth in Western Canada, where they will continue to provide custom digital oilfield solutions.

About WireIE:

WireIE is a Canadian telecommunications carrier, specialized in the deployment of MEF Certified Carrier Ethernet 2.0 networks to underserved markets. WireIE’s proven network performance, backed by industry-leading SLAs, has established the carrier as the provider of choice for mission critical network requirements, across all industry verticals including Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Healthcare, Financial, Retail and Public Sector. Unleash the potential with WireIE -- visit and follow us on Twitter @WireIE.

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