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November 09, 2011 08:30 ET

Wireless Generation Launches mCLASS® Beacon™ Pre-K-12 Assessment Tool With Unique, Interactive Learning Map

New Standards-Based Solution for Teachers Transforms Classroom Learning and Personalized Instruction

BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2011) - Wireless Generation today announced the launch of mCLASS® Beacon™, an innovative new approach to Pre-K-12 formative assessment and personalized instruction that will enable teachers to visualize students' progress on an interactive Learning Map and chart out an individualized course for the future.

Wireless Generation, a well-established leader in learning solutions for teachers, and developer of the game-changing mCLASS® mobile device-based assessment tool, is again changing the way data informs teaching and learning. In bringing this groundbreaking new product to educators nationwide, the company has developed another transformative tool that enables teachers and administrators to further their students' mastery of important concepts in line with learning standards.

mCLASS® Beacon™ is the Brooklyn, NY-based educational software company's first digital assessment product to serve middle and upper grades, not just early childhood and elementary levels. It is also the first Wireless Generation offering to provide the pioneering Learning Map, an easy-to-read graphic that can be adapted for teachers, and school or district administrators who will be able to see their students' progress in a whole new way. It is an enhanced successor to the company's popular mCLASS® which is used in hundreds of school systems around the country, serving tens of thousands of teachers.

In this all-new tool for educators, student progress is illustrated in an interconnected honeycomb map comprised of specific standards, revealing their relationship to one another on a trajectory. Educators can see the Learning Map of each student's or class's progress portrayed in changing shades of universal red, yellow and green, signifying the stages of advancement through the standards. Teachers can quickly access an image of each student's progress measured against standards, and administrators can gain unprecedented detail about school and district patterns, accomplishments, and needs.

The expansion of standards, comprised of either the Common Core or state specific standards, has paved the way for the development of this new visual breakthrough. In the years ahead, students and parents, too, will be able to use this visual shorthand to clearly understand their child's progression.

"Wireless Generation's mCLASS® Beacon™ empowers teachers, from pre-kindergarten to high school classrooms by putting the data analysis they need into a smart, understandable format," says Larry Berger, CEO of Wireless Generation. "Educators can identify patterns, strengths and weaknesses and make informed decisions about where to allocate limited resources to help all children learn."

An all new, real-time assessment platform, mCLASS® Beacon™ has been created to support the transition to standards-based teaching and learning in the classroom each day. The assessments can be administered in multiple modes, from paper to tablet to computer, yielding data that educators will embrace as news they can truly use, ultimately to students' benefit.

Wireless Generation has also developed a full suite of training materials for mCLASS® Beacon™ to be rolled out to customers in tandem with the product, along with professional development services, such as data coaching and other support.

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