Wireless Matrix Corporation

Wireless Matrix Corporation

March 04, 2009 11:00 ET

Wireless Matrix Releases In-Cab Navigation and Communication Solution Offering Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Free-Form Text Messaging

RESTON, VIRGINIA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2009) - Wireless Matrix (TSX:WRX) today announced that the company's in-cab Navigation and Messaging solution for FleetOutlook® will be available for subscription beginning in late March.

Combining an off-the-shelf personal navigation device (PND) or an in-cab laptop computer with the functionality of the FleetOutlook solution, the Wireless Matrix Navigation™ and Messaging mini-applications connect drivers and dispatchers with greater effectiveness. Location-based data is transferred bi-directionally between the in-vehicle navigation platform and FleetOutlook, allowing drivers and dispatchers to communicate work assignments and messages, destination addresses, schedule changes and more.

The initial release of the Navigation and Messaging mini-applications supports turn-by-turn navigation and free-form text messaging between dispatchers and vehicle operators. In addition, dispatchers are able to search for specific vehicles and send job site addresses via the dispatch job feature. Together, these functions establish a platform that improves response times and operational efficiency, and reduces miles driven and fuel used.

"Our integrated Navigation and Messaging solution incorporates a number of innovations which significantly enhance dispatcher productivity, including a message status board, a detailed map with real-time location of vehicles, and an IM chat-style interface, all seamlessly integrated within a single tab-view in FleetOutlook," said Adam Wegel, Wireless Matrix senior director of product management.

With Navigation and Messaging, dispatchers benefit from broad visibility into vehicle location and job status, with the ability to provide instructions, support and updates to drivers with greater ease. Assigning work and verifying its completion become more intuitive and efficient, resulting in increased dispatcher productivity.

Drivers benefit from turn-by-turn directions to job sites, reducing distractions and miles driven while eliminating the need to consult maps. In-vehicle messaging translates into more timely communication of schedule changes and updates, reducing lost-time and reliance on phone calls from the field.

"The initial release of Navigation and Messaging provides customers with robust messaging and job assignment critical to maximizing productivity," said J. Richard Carlson, Wireless Matrix president and CEO. "Combined with the mapping and management tools of FleetOutlook, Navigation and Messaging fuels tangible benefits and cost savings that make every dollar invested in your fleet count."

The second phase of the solution, scheduled for April, will add a host of additional features to Navigation and Messaging, including automated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculation, automatic arrival notification, broadcast message to all drivers functionality, and other elements that further enhance the power of Navigation and Messaging to maximize technician operations.

Wireless Matrix Navigation and Messaging is an integrated part of Wireless Matrix's FleetOutlook solution that leverages the application and compatible communications devices offered by Wireless Matrix. It is designed for easy deployment and installation. It is compatible with navigation devices available for laptop computers (Windows XP, including Tablet PC - Service Pack 3), Garmin PNDs that supports Version 2 Fleet Management Interface, handheld devices and smart phones.

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Wireless Matrix provides enterprise-class wireless data solutions for business-critical mobile and remote asset operations. The company delivers real-time data services across cellular, satellite and WiFi networks; a variety of modems and hardware platforms; and transportation applications that increase productivity and reduce operating expenses with service fleet operations. Wireless Matrix is headquartered in Reston, VA., and has offices in San Francisco and Burnaby, British Columbia. For more information visit www.wirelessmatrix.com.

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